Sunday, 22 August 2010

The lost of cammie

Didn't want to go to school 'cuz so many ppl went to Famine 30, some chose tuition over replacement class.



When Recess ended...

I went back to my place, before I sat down, I saw Chui Yeng's bag on the table. Zip opened. "eh?!" Chui Yeng came in and searched inside her bag. "my purse... It's gone." I searched my bag... "cammie?!"  

Fact: First time in 17+ years, I was robbed.
3 out of 4 girls in the row where I sat got robbed, 6B4 and some other classes too. 6B4 locked their class but the "borrowers" manage to come in through the windows by removing the glass. Shocking huh? Some ppl lost their Wallet, IC, ATM card and driving license inside, calculator (yea, like ?!) etc. For the rest of the schooling hours, we didn't have the mood to study. We went to report to teacher, but what can they do?

What's done is done. I'm not blaming anyone. Well, it was I who brought cammie to school in the first place. I was calm. Classmates were a lil worried. I was calm kays LOL. I'm not trying to fake feelings, but if I cry, things won't change much, I will only get swollen eyes in the end LOL.

The hard part was to tell my parents about it. I spoiled the Samsung cam, We got the Olympus cam just recently and now I lost it. Thank God, they were forgiving =)

I was hoping to get back my memory card, my memories sigh. Anyway, the person who "accidentally" took it don't have the charger nor the skills to operate cammie. Most ppl were like"You know what will happen if we caught you", I'm like "return my memory card, I forget bout the incident, won't question further, I'll take it as you borrow stuff from me without asking" win-win situation. swt I know, but the more we threaten to get them, the more we won't be able to give them a real lesson of a lifetime that will change them. Sounds impossible but I don't want to study in an environment that I have to be so cautious of these "borrowers". Do we need to carry our bags around when we go for recess? I don't want to. It's not too late for them to surrender, it's too late when they grow up to be better "borrowers" and make their name on the newspaper. Pity them somehow.

Had MacD with a bunch of friends after school, that helped me cheer up abit =) and the FB comments, thanks =) No point scolding the peeps who took our stuff, not worth it.

sigh... no more "extra" activities for me... well, long long story. Form 6 life.

No pics in this blog post... so not me huh? LOL.

God bless =)