Sunday, 8 August 2010

My first *official* post for STK CU

Hey peeps =) If you've noticed, there's a section on the right side bar that says "I owe you bloggie", yup, I owe bloggie a lot. My week overall has been great, praise God =) STK CU IS BACK~! who will have thought that the school which the papers mentioned (High School Klang) is my school, when I told Uncle Phua *click* about that, he was like "really?!". He was formerly a principal so he knows all the rules etc. LOL. but anyway, we all are glad that the CU is back =)

There weren't any interview or anything like other clubs had in order to choose the new committee. The new board was out. CU AGM was on the SAME day as Librarian AGM and yeap, for the 2nd time in my life I missed CU AGM. Serving in Kwang Hua CU has been a great experience for me. Thank God for the new STK CU committees 2010/2011 =)

President: Kimberly Yong
Vice Pres:Shinh Nian
Secretary: Ke Lin
Vice Secretary: En Tze
Treasurer: Jia Ling
Praise and Worship Coordinator: Eng Hock

CU Activity 6/8/2010
Birthday Celebration and Rally sharing
I know, I really need to practice taking clear pics LOL random pics is <3

Games- Scissors paper stone :D 
I actually liked it LOL

*yummy expressions*

Cake :D

Happy face Eng Hock LOL
Well, many other stuff happened this week. I've started my first ever tuition of the year-Maths S tuition. I miss my dearies ='( Kor kor Oon Ee is getting marry~!!!! *excited* Talk to you soon peeps =)