Saturday, 14 August 2010

My lil sunshine during the storm

Was stressed, no particular reasons//various reasons. I don't really show it out until I reached my maximum and can't take it anymore. It's like what happened during Librarian Telematch, ntg ntg ntg den when I reached my max den *kaboom* (LOL so dramatic macam) okay okay, not many ppl knew about this, not even my parents. I'm human kays. So yea, when I reached my max, I just got to get everything out and calmed down. Today was one of the times. Mun Yan and Eileen wanted to come over to visit but I told them not to, parents thought I didn't want to go out 'cuz I want to go out with the friends swt. Home alone. Calming down then...


Found this at my house gate

semua yellow except for the HL milk xD

I can really grow fat with you all <3 You came without me knowing *surprised, touched* Thanks a bunch, my beautiful post ladies? LOL. This means a lot to me =) *speechless* I'll be strong. I don't need a reason to miss you, dearies. I want to see you all soon!!! =)

It's exactly a month before I turned 18. According to Gary, 14th is the best day to be born in LOL xD. IDK, but I love 14, lucky number or something LOL.

God bless =)