Friday, 6 August 2010

Snoozing? ISCF RALLY 2010

I have NO IDEA how to edit my photos into something nicer like some blogs have LOL. Back to the topic =), it's my 6th Rally!!!! *still excited* Some pics to share with you =)

Gary =)


Went home to shower, get some rest and.. just can't help it xD

ISCF Rally 20102

The ushers~! *woots*
Don't you think the shirt rocks? Lester did a good job designing it =)

Glad to see Cho Jet there. He said my eyes are getting bigger..Contacts lah LOL. One day, he went up to my sis and said:"Hi, can I ask you a question? Do you have a sister named Kimberly?"  We looked alike according to him LOL. Potential FB profile pic of him below xD

Met so many familiar faces there, didn't get to snap a pic with every single one of them though but I just want to say, thanks for coming =)

Hin Hua Auditorium

Pang, Andy and Me. Thanks for coming even though there's last minute arrangements. And thanks for screaming for STK x) Really great to have you two here =)

The event =)

Get ready for the Kwang Hua peeps~! I amWe are super S.S. xD *woots* Like senior like junior LOL
ISCF Rally 2010

Matt and Su Mei who were in the sketch. Awesome performance =)
ISCF Rally 20101

Me, Gary, Su Li, Ru Min, Yin Whei and Sarah

Look who's here =)

Alex Yong~!!!! 
It's like he's getting fairer and I'm getting darker wey LOL. What a pleasant surprise for him to make me play the guessing game LOL. I still owe you a surprise, bro! yea, my bro LOL. You are full of surprises LOL.

Su Lin came! She can carry me up :O I'm that light. Awesome night. I know, I'm out of words, it's just awesome to be a part of the rally where CUs from Klang schools come together for what we believe in =) Again, this is NOT a church event, it's an event brought to you by Inter-school Christian Fellowship aka ISCF. Students *woots* Praise God =) Looking forward to the next rally :D

Take care, peeps.