Saturday, 25 September 2010

Holiday outing

Praise God I was well enough to go out for the One and Only shopping-complex-outing of the holiday LOL. Watched Step Up 3 with Eileen and Mun Yan. Great choreography, great casts =) After the movie, I met up with Alex Yong, the bro full of surprises. I planned to surprise him from the back but manatau he appeared behind me =O he just finished his shift at Sunway Hotel. The meet up was brief, we just walked around, talked, laughed, basically just catching up.

Anyways, he revealed that if 14th of September 2010 was a schooling day, he planned to appear in my school and surprise me with his presence 'cuz it was also his off day. He have Simon Reuben's no. and mine. It's a Tuesday, I'll be in school whole day and no chance he'll fail his surprise unless.. it wasn't a schooling day! xD The thought of him was nice though, I'll be screaming if the surprise plan is on LOL. I STILL OWE HIM HIS SURPRISE =.= blah..

Pic of the day. * some.reasons xD* Alex without his cap x)
FYI: he has a good eye sight, unlike me, contacts (astig and Long sightedness +0.25 =O)

Random: Sen Chen and Mun Yan actually know each other *shocked* Bla, tak stalk saya punya FB dan blog punya orangS, it's like filled with Mun Yan and I just intro the 4Fs on my post. nvm, they won't even see this xP

Thanks for reading, peeps. God bless you =)

Purity Ring

This ain't a new idea. I actually wikipedia-ed it LOL.

What's a purity ring? It's a symbol of a vow to remain sexually pure. Usually, it is given to a pre-teen or teenager by his or her parents. In some cases, some ppl may decide to wear the ring on their own as a symbol of this commitment. For my case, it's a gift for my 18th birthday from me =) Well, the ring is not for show, if so, that's not being true to yourself. The promise is worth more than the metal thingy. Rings are often wore on the wedding ring finger, on the left hand and remain there until it is replaced with an actual wedding band. I'm wearing it on my right hand though xP

It's a choice and I've made mine =) True Love Waits.

Yumcha session with Tien Zhi and Wei Yan

The last time we met up was during their "STK invasion" LOL. but we didn't get to yumcha. These 2 lovely guys- Tien Zhi kor and Wei Yan promised me some things on my birthday, and I say I want to meet them and finally, the day came =)

Wei Yan couldn't drive 'cuz his car's road tax expired. In addition, Wei Yan's exam is coming up, everyone is busy huh? Anyway, I'm so excited the plan is on even it's like almost last min =) Wei Yan can't drive so..who? LOL Tien Zhi! xD I'm excited 'cuz usually his Ahmad aka driver will send him to college, and now he's fetching us LOL.

Before that, they hung around STK and we talked to some of our secondary schoolmates =)
*double woots* for Tien Zhi's hair xD

Met Mervin at JJ =) He invited me to his house's BBQ dinner today but too bad, can't make it. Surprised I'm in Form 6 huh? xD.We waited for Tien Zhi to finish his lunch at Nyonya Kitchen before we head to Starbucks xD Wei Ya's treat-my birthday promise =) nice present and a thoughtful one as I'm craving for it LOL. We had a hard time deciding which drink to go for so we ordered our top 3 fave and share. Sorry barista for the long wait xP 10% off for Jusco member, I didn't know that until today LOL?

Wei Yan suggested we arrange the height of the straws according to ours but ... LOL nvm.
Wei Yan- Creme Brulee Frappuccino something *seasonal* Taste sweet, not bad =)
Me- Java chip. Love love love although coffee ain't really my thing but it's like a mix between choc and coffee, quite nice =)
Tien Zhi-Dark Mocha Frappuccino. Love it too, I'm so greedy huh? xD

3 VENTI-S~! *woots*

We snapped pics like we've never been to Starbucks LOL. Well, it's our first time there together mah =) My phone can't access the Wi-fi so I used Kor's phone to post a status on FB LOL. Had fun catching up =) We talk a lot from school, library, college, exams, friends.. 
Wei Yan finished up his drink fast while me and Kor were so full LOL. Venti wey, don't playplay LOL. We meet up with Mun Yan and Maxine after their movie.

Finally, with the help of Mun Yan, Kor and ah stressed, after going to a few shops xP, I purchased my purity ring =) Hard time thinking of what to engrave on the ring LOL. It's a birthday pressie for me from me. Will talk more on that later =)

Mun Yan brought her cam =D Time for some photos =) Thanks dear for snapping ^^ I shall let the pics speak xD 

Before this shot: TZ:"anything stuck in between my teeth?" the shop keepers actually LOL.. LOL! xD

I mentioned to them that if they come for prom, it'll be an advantage 'cuz they learnt some moves from Librarian MP *click* =) 

I got to know Wei Yan when I joined Librarian during my form 3. There were like only 5 guys in my batch LOL. He's one of the Librarian bosses btw =) He's a nice friend.
Some of my memories bout him:The libs went for a trip but I didn't go, he got me some chips, I was like "HUH?!" He thought I was upset/angry/or something, he bought me a pair of chopsticks on his trip to Singapore LOL. Well, he showed respect and he doesn't mess with me, how nice x) And the milk bottle for your birthday.. xD haha. okok, let's not go there.

Recently, I was pissed not 'cuz of him but 'cuz of things that happened in school/life/etc. I sms.ed him and some how I got pissed and the next thing was, he called me. I was charging my phone and was like, "I don't want to talk" but he called house pulak LOL. Thanks for cheering me up indirectly and sorry for being pissed off cuz the "pissed-ness" is not from you LOL.
He was kind enough to let me use his guitar and chord book, for quite a long time, still with me LOL.
A pic of us without his braces =)

Kor! with more hair xD Library brought us together as friends. And why is he my kor? seniors actually believe we are siblings 'cuz we looked alike. Tall, slim, good smile? xD With my black frames on, we looked even alike LOL. To get signatures for our Lib signature book. we had to sing dunno-how-many-times of duets, fun times LOL. I missed your lil notes. Blue, Taylor Swift and Hazeline snow rocks xD Enjoy your college life, future pharmacist. Thanks for the present LOL and above all, the company =)

Totally enjoyed the outing with you guys. It's really fun shopping with them, we don't do it always but it's really funny when the guys play with make up, like picking up the colour on their fingers and try to test on me =O I hope Wei Yan learns to put on his contacts before our next gathering or else, a How-to-wear-contact-lenses tutorial from me? xD

Not forgetting MY dear =) Thanks for fetching me home =)
Love <3
Till next time =)

Friday, 17 September 2010


I have a lot to say about this day, hopefully I have time to share it with you all LOL. This post however is dedicated to all my dearies =) *lemme hear you all scream!*

A pic for the introduction for this post? xD

I was having flu and sore throat. Woke up early to drink water, reply some FB wishes (thanks peeps), take my breakfast, med and sleep again. Knowing I needed the rest, I texted Eileen saying I will be late for the time to gather at Mun Yan's place. I rested cukup-cukup, text Eileen but it didn't got to her 'cuz Ah chor's house no line wey LOL. Anyway, Ah chor called my home and here she comes! I love the road to her house, nice to drive on, the road is seriously long and not many cars LOL. random

At Mun Yan's kitchen, we have
Chef Ke Lin aka Mario de maria

Chef Jia Yee

Chef Eileen

and Chef Mun Yan

not forgetting her mum, Auntie Chor, the head supervisor xD I did help k, other than snapping pics of course LOL. Their mission? To make me grow fatter.

A lil kelam kabut in the kitchen but we manage to get the main course ready around 2pm. By that time, we were so hungry LOL.

Spaghetti with 2 choice of sauce, tomato and/or cheese

Ada standard punya wey LOL


Cincau and Lychee

After the food and cleaning up, we relaxed and catch up with one another. Can you imagine Mun Yan actually remembers some lines of a drama we did during Primary 6 titled Mr Big? *wow*
Ke Lin remember we had Cincau in Wei Yang's house LOL! We kept talking about it and laughed a lot LOL. Those good old days <3

Eileen and Wei Yan's guitar~

LOL! I totally didn't know when Mun Yan took this pic when I was playing her Grand Piano.

Then Games =D The dice game

It was fun kays LOL

Then Boom! yup, that's a name of the card game. Ke Lin taught us how to play the game some years back if I'm not mistaken. Look who is sleepy and lying flat dy LOL.

Eileen and Ke Lin playing toy bear. That's the bear Mun Yan always bring to school and she lets me hug it, ALWAYS LOL

Everyone was getting really sleepy until we had our Triple S..Syok Sendiri Session XD

A pic I took of the chefs LOL


We had Yue Wan all the way in Kedah to Skype with us =D

When busy talking, laughing and making YuYu laugh, the Chefs brought in the cake and sang birthday song =) and yea, I blew the candles in front of the computer screen LOL

Butter and dark choc cake baked by Auntie Huong. Thanks, Auntie! =)

Auntie Huong is Ke Lin's mum btw. 
Okay okay, let's cut the cake and not let the hungry peeps wait =)

We had cacated Ice tubes to suck too xD
I treasure the birthday cards you all gave me =) I was reading my old blog post and it reminds me of something... where did I put the cards you all gave me last time?! chill chill, I must have kept it all properly in somewhere private and safe, will dig it out to see ^^

Let me reply the wishes =)

Mun Yan, I'll eat more de LOL. Oh yea, thanks for the offer, your black beauties are really nice to touch LOL. Don't be so stressed but also use your potential wisely 'cuz you do have them. Remember you dreams and go for it =) Thanks for the lomo cam, it's your turn to snap.. MORE! =)

She told me she imagines herself in Form 6 when reading my blog like, this and this will happen, who and who will be my classmate and friends etc.. Oh well, I hope we all are glad with the choice we made though. I totally miss the times I always had to ask you to drink your water, the times you brought food for me LOL... those times =)

Btw, I don't know how you convince your mum to let us mess up your kitchen LOL. All of the Chefs and me macam your family dy, open refrigerator and take things here and there dy wor xD

Ke Lin, 哈哈!真是老老老朋友啊!
Same kindy, Primary school, Secondary school and now Form 6 =) More than 10 years of friendship. I got to kacau you more often during recess time especially xD I thank God for you for being such a blessing to me. Well, seriously, if it wasn't for you in Form 6, I don't think I'll survive there. New friends? sure, but I needed an old, familiar friend, and there you are! =) haha. You know me too well.

Jia Yee, I want you to blog too! I want to read your blog too! Yea, I try not to stress myself too much. When you want me to teach you piano? xD Rock on with your guitar =) I miss your random notes, playful, thoughtful, meaningful <3 And yea, random too xD

Eileen, I purposely wore those clothes to make myself look but you say I lost weight LOL! I'll pray for you and you.know.what xD CF rocks =) Enjoy your studies in KTT =)
Uncle Choo wished me happy birthday before I left Eileen's house after our movie outing LOL. Some how it's just great to know my friends' parents =)

Thank you Shu Yin =) I was surprised and speechless  in a good way =)

Yue Wan, glad you are happy and you claimed you've put on some weight =) Can't wait to see you in person soon =)
Fiona and Wen Ping, we miss you!!!! =)
Wei Yan, I love you too! Birthday say once only la xD Thanks for lending me your Baobei guitar ^^ and we need a pic this year! LOL  *click*
Tien Zhi, see you soon kays =)

No problem hanging at Mun Yan's place so long 'cuz she dropped me home. I came home full. Grandma cooked a nice dinner for me =) Imagine how full I was after all the food LOL. Thanks peeps, it's been a memorable day for me =)

I thank my Heavenly Father for every blessing I have, for Family and friends. "Count your blessings, name them one by on, and it will surprise you what the Lord hath done". I'm surprised =) Was talking and discussing about where Love comes from. Human? do human love naturally? I don't think so 'cuz human are sinners, I am a sinner. but hey, God is Love and I believe there's a God who loves every single one of us, yup, everyone, ain't that awesome? =)
Well, you can question what I just typed but hey, that's what I believe =)

God bless you =)

Monday, 13 September 2010

Holiday updates =D

Been driving a bit. Learnt to pump petrol xP Drove bro back from school tuition... with dad by my side of course LOL. 
Camera phone shots are not that bad, blurred but well, got to get used to it, er... artistic? xD


Daniel enjoys cleaning the window I guess xD

The blue sky =D

Sarah just got her braces tighten. S.M.I.L.E. =)
At the Tan's place. Dad's DG having dinner together.
The Tan family's rabbit

Justin boy =D

Taught him how to smile with my dual cam phone xD *cute Justin*

I didn't drink enough water after all the yummy food and wine sipping. Seriously, SIPPING! Can't possible gulp wine down my throat. One of the 2 bottles of wine the adults drank tasted like concentrated grape juice LOL. Salute the adults wey. The wine sipping somehow makes my tongue clean LOL? That's Dad's hand btw.
Went to dad's colleague's house for Raya Visitation. Ain't our first time there. The food is superb =D Hospitality was good, had a nice chat with the family. The grandma was a teacher in her younger days, she's 70+, speaks fluent English, impressed =D Auntie is her only child, yea, it's rare huh? Dad's colleague has 2 daughters, 1 in Form 5, the other in Form 4. They are Johor peeps too =) We travel down to Johor after that.

Ta-dah~! 2 laptops LOL. Niece's and Nephew's. I get to online a bit when the *ahem* kids aren't gaming LOL

Yummy Hakka food =D I know I know. I keep on  food food aje xP

I got the tall genes from my dad's side. The 2 cousin bros in the pic are so tall. Younger one is taller than the elder, same like me and my sis' case LOL. This elder cousin bro is currently studying medic in UKM. Holiday also brought along his book to study =O so pia.

At Seremban. 
Grandma around = Nice yummy food xD I'm not a fan of moon cakes but snow skin? Yea! The snow skin she made is so Y.U.M.M.Y. ^^ It's original too, don't need to worry about fake egg yokes etc. (I was like "?!" when I heard there's such thing as FAKE egg yolk)


The neighbour's dog is still so cute =D My cam phone shoots better here, what do you think? LOL


Got to finish up my homework and revise more. I got to rest more too 'cuz I'm sneezing a lot =O cham...

Happy holidays peeps =)