Thursday, 9 September 2010

Blogger friend: Chee Hong

I enjoy reading 2 kind of blogs: Interesting ones (who doesn't? LOL) and friend's blog. It's funny how ppl who went through the same thing interprets it differently on their blogs =) 

I shall begin with Chee Hong, aren't you honoured? xD
I can't seem to view his older posts, no idea when he started blogging. Chee Hong, you might want to fix that =)  
Extract from Chee Hong's blog:
"Recently, I found someone who really cares and concerned me a lot. I really assumed that he/she is coming nearer to become my BESTEST friend among others. Yet, our friendship became closer and I hope he/she can also take me as his/her best peer. I might afraid that I'm ''LATE'' to be his/her. So, for now and so far, I just become myself, as normal as before. Really don't think so much. But everytime I think of this word - ''FRIEND'', the 1st person I will think is him/her.

Of course I can't confide out yet, hahas. Even the gender also, secrets are fun sometime. Sometimes, give yourself 10% of privacy after sharing 90% with others. Kekes, am I juvenile? xD

Okays lah, wanna know him/her? ''Forecast'' yourself, he/she is listed below:

1) Andy

2) Kimberly
3) Chun Fei
4) Chien Yi
5) Beng Ghee
6) Min Yee
7) Wee Tat
8) Peik Lai
9) Quek (Quack..Quack..Quack)
10) Szer Hui
11) Carmen
12) Nyuk Fen
13) Swee Ching
14) Chui Yeng
15) Shien Yee
16) Peng Lan
17) Su Pei
18) Chew Li
19) George
20) Siok Hoon

Confusing? Dizzy? Gave up on guessing? Don't worry. One day I'll removed one number. After 20days, answer will be declared. To be continued... LOLS!" 

The elimination has started, when will be my turn? LOL I don't really agree on rating my friends but according to Chee Hong, all will be happy wor... maybe there's a surprise behind? Who knows? We just have to wait and see LOL.

He's definitely funny in real life, but his humour doesn't only applies there. Check it out xP: 
Help you promote xD. I got myself the purple file =)

I agree, Single Rox xD He's my tuition counsellor btw. Me and Andy couldn't decide where to take our Maths S tuition-Delta or ET. He helped me list down the pros and cons but finally we went to Delta 'cuz I can't possibly skip church on Sunday for the ET extra classes, no transport. It's nice of him to provide his opinion and advices, thanks friend =)

Talking about tuition, 3 hours of Maths tuition for 3 consecutive days ain't bad =) Oh yea, I've been to Form 5 BM tuition with the dearies but so far never with Ke Lin, now I have that chance *nice* =)

Peeps, Take care, pls don't sleep too late, ain't good for health, it will be more important when we grow older. seriously. Bla.. nobody online at this time I'm blogging liddet wan =.=

Happy holidays =)