Saturday, 25 September 2010

Holiday outing

Praise God I was well enough to go out for the One and Only shopping-complex-outing of the holiday LOL. Watched Step Up 3 with Eileen and Mun Yan. Great choreography, great casts =) After the movie, I met up with Alex Yong, the bro full of surprises. I planned to surprise him from the back but manatau he appeared behind me =O he just finished his shift at Sunway Hotel. The meet up was brief, we just walked around, talked, laughed, basically just catching up.

Anyways, he revealed that if 14th of September 2010 was a schooling day, he planned to appear in my school and surprise me with his presence 'cuz it was also his off day. He have Simon Reuben's no. and mine. It's a Tuesday, I'll be in school whole day and no chance he'll fail his surprise unless.. it wasn't a schooling day! xD The thought of him was nice though, I'll be screaming if the surprise plan is on LOL. I STILL OWE HIM HIS SURPRISE =.= blah..

Pic of the day. * some.reasons xD* Alex without his cap x)
FYI: he has a good eye sight, unlike me, contacts (astig and Long sightedness +0.25 =O)

Random: Sen Chen and Mun Yan actually know each other *shocked* Bla, tak stalk saya punya FB dan blog punya orangS, it's like filled with Mun Yan and I just intro the 4Fs on my post. nvm, they won't even see this xP

Thanks for reading, peeps. God bless you =)