Monday, 13 September 2010

Holiday updates =D

Been driving a bit. Learnt to pump petrol xP Drove bro back from school tuition... with dad by my side of course LOL. 
Camera phone shots are not that bad, blurred but well, got to get used to it, er... artistic? xD


Daniel enjoys cleaning the window I guess xD

The blue sky =D

Sarah just got her braces tighten. S.M.I.L.E. =)
At the Tan's place. Dad's DG having dinner together.
The Tan family's rabbit

Justin boy =D

Taught him how to smile with my dual cam phone xD *cute Justin*

I didn't drink enough water after all the yummy food and wine sipping. Seriously, SIPPING! Can't possible gulp wine down my throat. One of the 2 bottles of wine the adults drank tasted like concentrated grape juice LOL. Salute the adults wey. The wine sipping somehow makes my tongue clean LOL? That's Dad's hand btw.
Went to dad's colleague's house for Raya Visitation. Ain't our first time there. The food is superb =D Hospitality was good, had a nice chat with the family. The grandma was a teacher in her younger days, she's 70+, speaks fluent English, impressed =D Auntie is her only child, yea, it's rare huh? Dad's colleague has 2 daughters, 1 in Form 5, the other in Form 4. They are Johor peeps too =) We travel down to Johor after that.

Ta-dah~! 2 laptops LOL. Niece's and Nephew's. I get to online a bit when the *ahem* kids aren't gaming LOL

Yummy Hakka food =D I know I know. I keep on  food food aje xP

I got the tall genes from my dad's side. The 2 cousin bros in the pic are so tall. Younger one is taller than the elder, same like me and my sis' case LOL. This elder cousin bro is currently studying medic in UKM. Holiday also brought along his book to study =O so pia.

At Seremban. 
Grandma around = Nice yummy food xD I'm not a fan of moon cakes but snow skin? Yea! The snow skin she made is so Y.U.M.M.Y. ^^ It's original too, don't need to worry about fake egg yokes etc. (I was like "?!" when I heard there's such thing as FAKE egg yolk)


The neighbour's dog is still so cute =D My cam phone shoots better here, what do you think? LOL


Got to finish up my homework and revise more. I got to rest more too 'cuz I'm sneezing a lot =O cham...

Happy holidays peeps =)