Monday, 6 September 2010


Photos hanging all around, ain't that dreamy? <3 Totally love almost every single song from Taylor Swift =)

Updates: Back from Family Camp 2010 =) learned a bunch! Totally! LOL. bla... Time is short too blog =/ 

Where do you think Love comes from? Humans? I don't think so... Humans hate too rite? so can't totally Love. God is Love. Perfect Love =) Yea, I believe there's a God =)

Had to wake up early today 'cuz bro had tuition in his school at 8pm, I had Librarian Meeting at 9pm. We washed the Aquarium =D Thanks Shir Li for the lift to tuition, she can really drive *woots* Tuition today was tiring, fishing =O

Tuition again tmr LOL. 3 hours is enough to make me restless LOL.

Take care peeps =)