Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Prom Nite 2010

18th July 2010

Super delayed post LOL. It was a Sunday. Had a full day Librarian Telematch before the Prom Nite. Exhausted, felt sick until I didn't feel like going for Prom Nite *seriously sick* I'll leave that for next time when I talk about clubs, societies and Librarian, that will be a serious post LOL. *skipskipskip* But I'm glad I didn't miss the prom, it was a great night out with the new buddies =)

Almost everyone you see here are the new friends I made in High School Klang. I considered this prom as (the 1st?) gathering with them. *looking at the bright side* 

Me, Swee Ching and KK. Ching is my classmate while I got to know KK from Kem Intergrasi. Yea, I know, I could be the busybody-est person you've ever seen xD

The 4 Flowers
Kien Tian, Andy, Sen Chen and Lawrence.
Interesting peeps =)
All are in the photography club. Besties.
Kien Tian, My Library task leader now Librarian boss =)
Andy, my classmate and tuition kaki =P
Sen Chen, My Photography Club Boss. He was the "stranger" who fetch me and Wei Ting around to hunt for Pelaka LOL.
This is how our first conversation went, Lawrence was standing outside library, he needed help for the announcement or something (forget dy xP), so happen I was outside the library, he saw me and called out "朋友!" (Friend/Kawan), I was like "huh?" *looks behind and front again*, he:"you la" Aint he so...  LOL. Later, we found out that we were from the SAME primary school *shocker* LOL

Thumbs up to the Gee dance xD

Me and my foster, Guan Huat

Me and prom partner, Kien Tian. He's a good company except that he eats so little =O makes me feel like I'm a big eater LOL.

Siew Lye ^^

Didn't fish during today's Maths tuition 'cuz of Andy and Wei Keong. Totally talkative and funny LOL. Perhaps lunch with classmates and tuition kakis tomorrow? =)

Nobody wants to be the last to know, especially when you thought you won't be the last. A friend of mine was right, We tend to be secretive when it comes to things like these. I promise, you won't be the last. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Peer pressure doesn't really work on me nowadays. Holidays... time to move on.