Saturday, 25 September 2010

Purity Ring

This ain't a new idea. I actually wikipedia-ed it LOL.

What's a purity ring? It's a symbol of a vow to remain sexually pure. Usually, it is given to a pre-teen or teenager by his or her parents. In some cases, some ppl may decide to wear the ring on their own as a symbol of this commitment. For my case, it's a gift for my 18th birthday from me =) Well, the ring is not for show, if so, that's not being true to yourself. The promise is worth more than the metal thingy. Rings are often wore on the wedding ring finger, on the left hand and remain there until it is replaced with an actual wedding band. I'm wearing it on my right hand though xP

It's a choice and I've made mine =) True Love Waits.