Friday, 22 October 2010

Behind the scenes-Librarian MP

The girls often ask each other:"Where did you do your make up? Where did you do your hair? Where you get that outfit?" "How much did you spent?"

It's a great experience getting our hair and make up done and be in that nice outfit and shoes for that special occasion.  This time, I didn't have time for all those, I even napped overtime, suppose to be in Prescott by 6.30pm. I thought I was late but I was the 3rd girl who arrive there LOL.

It's a girl thing, guys, don't judge, if you think you will, just skip this post, other than that, it's fine for you to read on LOL.

Here goes:
I had a hard time looking for a dress, my size =/ The dress I wore for the Prom is and no, I didn't purposely bought it for the event LOL. I don't mind wearing the same dress, totally. But Praise God for my 2 wonderful classmates, Shien Yee and Siok Hoon who were so kind and helpful with what I'm going to wear for the MP LOL. I accidentally tore a bit of the lace *yikes* I noticed the damage 'cuz I hand-washed the dress LOL. I was going to pay for the damages but Siok Hoon declined. aw~~~ I don't think I'm gonna borrow anybody's clothes, I'm such a (I.don' but it's not good) =(
Loving the black and purple combo ^^

Shoes: Bought it for my JPA interview.
Wasn't a high heel, I need to walk around snapping pics for the Farewell. Comfort over style is the rule I follow =)

Hair: Natural-lor LOL. Note: I over-napped, where got time for hair-do. Using Follow Me shampoo  pink one ^^ recently and I liked it cuz don't need to put conditioner for my dry hair LOL. I wanna chop my hair soon though. Out of topic xP bla, girls, or it's just me today LOL.

*drumrolls* I did it myself! LOL. Unbelievable. It's not obvious in the pics but the makeup helps me face from being washed out with the flash and all. Think like this, no make up on flash photography=pale face, kinda scary for me though, haven't been sleeping well and my complexion is so pale. Heavy makeup? Nope, not as heavy as the chang er one =/

Where I got the makeup tools?
Eyeshadow and blush set: Tien Zhi!!! LOL My birthday present btw =) I only used silver. Still a makeup newbie, don't wanna over do it =)
Mascara: Borrowed from Siew Lye dear.
Foundation and Lip balm/gloss: Own =)
Brushes? My fingers xD Check it out. Inspired by this video =)

The best part is, I spent less $$ and save more time. I did my makeup in the restaurant's washroom, quick, easy, ready to move around and shoot for the event =) I hope this post helps you a bit in some way? LOL. Random.nye x)

Exam starting next Monday. I'm putting my effort and I hope for passes for now. I'll get better next year =)

I don't mind practising my makeup skills on you, if you want xP

STK Librarian Farewell Party 2009/2010

Woots~! Uploaded 266 pics on FB taken during the event. Thanks for liking, commenting and even made some of the pics your profile pic =) A few to share here =)

Pre-event (Preparation, rehearsal etc.)
Prescott Hotel, Klang.
Was there about 2pm.

Balloons~ I love the colour =)

The entrance.

Loves! =D I mean, I was just testing Baby Nikon D3000 around and didn't thought it will turn out nice LOL.

IDK why Leon tagged himself there =.=
Looks like a big fish yea? LOL

Me and Siew Lye

Went home around 4 pm and back to Prescott about 6.30pm

The event:

Stunning :D Loving full body shot =)

Reception counter

The MCs

Almost all of us

Backstage. I like the purple backdrop btw =)

My group doing our dance. Thanks peeps, really appreciate your time and effort =)

Didn't take many pics of myself, can't self-shot with Baby LOL. Some pics with peeps to share, the rest on FB *smiles*

Senior Jia Jun. He has 2 mobile phone numbers. He actually carries 2 phones around! LOL. All the best for SPM ^^

Model pose kut xP my shoes chopped off =/

The best dressed, Yat Hong (in my opinion) =)

My classmate and Librarian mate, Chee Yee aka Lengzai Koko (I'm serious, It's his FB name LOL)! Try calling our Chinese names, a bit confusing for some ppl LOL. He texted me, telling me to take pics of him MC-ing cuz "I looked so lengzai" LOL!

My Keahlian seniors didn't come for the MP. Anyways, enjoyed the MP, bonding with the Librarian peeps and snapping pics =) Praise God, the event went smoothly overall =) It ended quite late but thanks to my parents, they were understanding, well, more understanding =) coming up... behind the scenes xP

On hiatus NOT!

The blog title speaks for itself

Exam is that so @@


Blogging has been one of the ways for me to de-stress for bout 2 years now?

Take care =)

Monday, 11 October 2010

Quote of the day from Jasmine

Jasmine: "You made me obsessed with Taylor Swift's songs"

Er... yay?! xD She stalks Leon and Mun Yan xP

MP and exams :O
If you think balancing SPM and Grade 8 is a joke, lower 6 final exam that's coming up and Diploma preparation is NO JOKE.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

How to touch a girl

I Think I Could Like You
I Already Do
Feelings Can Grow But
They Can Go Away Too
You're Takin My Hand
Lookin Into My Eyes
Don't Be In A Rush To
Get Me Tonight

Feel Somethin Happenin
Could This Be A Spark?
To Satisfy Me Baby
Gotta Satisfy My Heart

Do You Know How To Touch A Girl?
If You Want Me So Much
First I Have To Know
Are You Thoughtful And Kind?
Do You Care What's On My Mind?
Or Am I Just For Show?
You'll Go Far In This World
If You Know How To Touch A Girl

Do You Know How To Touch, Know How To Touch A Girl?
Do You Know How To Touch, Know How To Touch A Girl?

I Think I Could Like You
But I Keep Holding Back
Cause I Can't Seem To Tell
If You're Fiction Or Fact
Show Me You Can Laugh
Show Me You Can Cry
Show Me Who You Really Are
Deep Down Inside

Do You Feel Somethin Happenin?
Could This Be For Real?
I Don't Know Right Now But Tonight We'll Reveal

Do You Know How To Touch A Girl?
If You Want Me So Much
First I Have To Know
Are You Thoughtful And Kind?
Do You Care What's On My Mind?
Or Am I Just For Show?
You'll Go Far In This World
If You Know How To Touch A Girl

Bring Me Some Flowers
Conversation For Hours
To See If We Really Connect
And Baby If We Do
Ooh I'll Be Givin All My Love To You

Do You Know How To Touch A Girl?
If You Want Me So Much
First I Have To Know
Are You Thoughtful And Kind?
Do You Care What's On My Mind?
Or Am I Just For Show?
You'll Go Far In This World
If You Know How To Touch A Girl

Do You Know How To Touch, Know How To Touch A Girl?
Do You Know How To Touch, Know How To Touch A Girl?

You'll Go Far In This World
If You Know How To Touch A Girl

Monday, 4 October 2010


Finally, after some time waiting, I got my contact lenses! The reason why I had to wait is 'cuz the optic had to special order my lenses. I was relying on the trials the optic gave me, without the long-sightedness power. Astig+long-sightedness is a weird combo LOL.

Cam-ho using sis' cam phone.

Guess what? The Baobeis aka Tien Zhi and Wei Yan are contact lens newbie! Wei Yan had some hard time putting it in but well, he gets better =)

Was Youtube-ing and found this, informative =)

Holiday~ bug me to study xD

Saturday, 2 October 2010

I won an award?!

According to Chee Hong's post=>

I won the BFF Award LOL.
Read my previous post for the whole award process thingy,

Extract from his blog:
"Woots! Congrats to Kimberly FOR THE WIN... The BEST BBF ever in my entire life. Nice to know her, enjoy while being with her and stupid if you don't know her ! Here's some reasons to become a winner:

She is always helpful and serve others with a smile. Smile cost nothing, just like her! She always greets people all the time with a cheerful face. As the adage says, merry makes a longer life. I obliged to this quote. I still remember during Wei Ming's and Yong Yee's birthday, she volunteered herself to cut the cake into 40+ pieces willingly without any repay or complains. She cares for others and do not ask for anything that only benefits herself. Her atittude really deserved to be proud of. I'm glad that she's my friend. Opps... is friend BBF !!

Polite and respect play very important roles in life especially in friends. She always treat people in a well-manner attitude and doesn't drove anyone up to the walls. I love her friendliness.. Maybe she should become Miss Friendly in STK or something like that. It's really her cup of tea. When communicate with others, she always maintain her soft, polite and meek tone. Unlike our class gorilla, who really pissed my EARS off frequently.

Love doesn't mean the relationship between 2 different genders. As a friend, love yourself and others. Her appearance is commercial but she is mature in thinking. She do not get into bad-temper easily or scold people anyhow. Her patience made her friends. She loves all her friends no matter in school or her family or relatives. Through her blog, you will know these in details. Overall, she's adorable.

Once again, congratulations for the win! Remember, begin your Form 6 life with friends. You ROCKED to the freaking core! "

My edited picture is so nymphie-fied LOL
My reply to him on FB:
"Thanks Chee Hong for the lovely post ♥
I'm not perfect, but to know tat u like me4 being ur fren just the way I am, I'm grateful :)"

He told my Chun Fei stand a big chance to win too but so on and so on this and that bla. So random LOL. Anyway, he loves everyone of his buddies, the award is simply fun to read and keep track LOL.

Some 6B5 pics =)
Chun Fei, Me and Chee Hong

Swee Ching =) She just had her 18th birthday. Just because for her, at the last moment, I had to deejay the school fm aka STK FM with Chee Yee to dedicate Bruno Mars' Just the way you are during recess time LOL

RnD presentation. Chee Yee is the lucky No.1 LOL

Chee Hong shys away while His Sayang aka Beng Ghee the class monitor looks on

Maths period Triple S is fun xD
Chun Fei, Chee Yee, Beng Ghee, Swee Ching, Me and Chee Hong
Chinese Youth was a blast :D and I miss daddy 'cuz I wanna drive =(
Long day tomorrow.

God bless you, peeps =)

Friday, 1 October 2010

What's GTA's van doing here??

My family went to church to fetch Daniel and friends back from SSMC's Birds and Bees camp, specially for the Standard 6. Guess what I saw? I quickly snap pics xP

GTA'S van! The fact is, some kids from GTA joined the camp, not just this year but the previous years too. True Example: Carissa and Sarah went to the same camp, didn't get to know there but in Kwang Hua, somehow they were talking bout some things and found out they went to the SAME camp AT the SAME time. There was less than 100 campers and don't they know the camp is organized by SSMC or at least they know where they are going rite?

I'm not making a fuss or whatever but I just got to blog it out. I am the only person from my church in Kwang Hua and in STK and nobody knows where is my church but I think some actually knows but just don't really know LOL? For Carissa's case, maybe they just don't know. Lol? I'm just confusing myself.

Random post bout the VAN from the Church just in front of my current's school LOL!

SSMC Chinese youth's FIRST activity is tomorrow~! :D