Friday, 22 October 2010

Behind the scenes-Librarian MP

The girls often ask each other:"Where did you do your make up? Where did you do your hair? Where you get that outfit?" "How much did you spent?"

It's a great experience getting our hair and make up done and be in that nice outfit and shoes for that special occasion.  This time, I didn't have time for all those, I even napped overtime, suppose to be in Prescott by 6.30pm. I thought I was late but I was the 3rd girl who arrive there LOL.

It's a girl thing, guys, don't judge, if you think you will, just skip this post, other than that, it's fine for you to read on LOL.

Here goes:
I had a hard time looking for a dress, my size =/ The dress I wore for the Prom is and no, I didn't purposely bought it for the event LOL. I don't mind wearing the same dress, totally. But Praise God for my 2 wonderful classmates, Shien Yee and Siok Hoon who were so kind and helpful with what I'm going to wear for the MP LOL. I accidentally tore a bit of the lace *yikes* I noticed the damage 'cuz I hand-washed the dress LOL. I was going to pay for the damages but Siok Hoon declined. aw~~~ I don't think I'm gonna borrow anybody's clothes, I'm such a (I.don' but it's not good) =(
Loving the black and purple combo ^^

Shoes: Bought it for my JPA interview.
Wasn't a high heel, I need to walk around snapping pics for the Farewell. Comfort over style is the rule I follow =)

Hair: Natural-lor LOL. Note: I over-napped, where got time for hair-do. Using Follow Me shampoo  pink one ^^ recently and I liked it cuz don't need to put conditioner for my dry hair LOL. I wanna chop my hair soon though. Out of topic xP bla, girls, or it's just me today LOL.

*drumrolls* I did it myself! LOL. Unbelievable. It's not obvious in the pics but the makeup helps me face from being washed out with the flash and all. Think like this, no make up on flash photography=pale face, kinda scary for me though, haven't been sleeping well and my complexion is so pale. Heavy makeup? Nope, not as heavy as the chang er one =/

Where I got the makeup tools?
Eyeshadow and blush set: Tien Zhi!!! LOL My birthday present btw =) I only used silver. Still a makeup newbie, don't wanna over do it =)
Mascara: Borrowed from Siew Lye dear.
Foundation and Lip balm/gloss: Own =)
Brushes? My fingers xD Check it out. Inspired by this video =)

The best part is, I spent less $$ and save more time. I did my makeup in the restaurant's washroom, quick, easy, ready to move around and shoot for the event =) I hope this post helps you a bit in some way? LOL. Random.nye x)

Exam starting next Monday. I'm putting my effort and I hope for passes for now. I'll get better next year =)

I don't mind practising my makeup skills on you, if you want xP