Saturday, 2 October 2010

I won an award?!

According to Chee Hong's post=>

I won the BFF Award LOL.
Read my previous post for the whole award process thingy,

Extract from his blog:
"Woots! Congrats to Kimberly FOR THE WIN... The BEST BBF ever in my entire life. Nice to know her, enjoy while being with her and stupid if you don't know her ! Here's some reasons to become a winner:

She is always helpful and serve others with a smile. Smile cost nothing, just like her! She always greets people all the time with a cheerful face. As the adage says, merry makes a longer life. I obliged to this quote. I still remember during Wei Ming's and Yong Yee's birthday, she volunteered herself to cut the cake into 40+ pieces willingly without any repay or complains. She cares for others and do not ask for anything that only benefits herself. Her atittude really deserved to be proud of. I'm glad that she's my friend. Opps... is friend BBF !!

Polite and respect play very important roles in life especially in friends. She always treat people in a well-manner attitude and doesn't drove anyone up to the walls. I love her friendliness.. Maybe she should become Miss Friendly in STK or something like that. It's really her cup of tea. When communicate with others, she always maintain her soft, polite and meek tone. Unlike our class gorilla, who really pissed my EARS off frequently.

Love doesn't mean the relationship between 2 different genders. As a friend, love yourself and others. Her appearance is commercial but she is mature in thinking. She do not get into bad-temper easily or scold people anyhow. Her patience made her friends. She loves all her friends no matter in school or her family or relatives. Through her blog, you will know these in details. Overall, she's adorable.

Once again, congratulations for the win! Remember, begin your Form 6 life with friends. You ROCKED to the freaking core! "

My edited picture is so nymphie-fied LOL
My reply to him on FB:
"Thanks Chee Hong for the lovely post ♥
I'm not perfect, but to know tat u like me4 being ur fren just the way I am, I'm grateful :)"

He told my Chun Fei stand a big chance to win too but so on and so on this and that bla. So random LOL. Anyway, he loves everyone of his buddies, the award is simply fun to read and keep track LOL.

Some 6B5 pics =)
Chun Fei, Me and Chee Hong

Swee Ching =) She just had her 18th birthday. Just because for her, at the last moment, I had to deejay the school fm aka STK FM with Chee Yee to dedicate Bruno Mars' Just the way you are during recess time LOL

RnD presentation. Chee Yee is the lucky No.1 LOL

Chee Hong shys away while His Sayang aka Beng Ghee the class monitor looks on

Maths period Triple S is fun xD
Chun Fei, Chee Yee, Beng Ghee, Swee Ching, Me and Chee Hong
Chinese Youth was a blast :D and I miss daddy 'cuz I wanna drive =(
Long day tomorrow.

God bless you, peeps =)