Friday, 22 October 2010

STK Librarian Farewell Party 2009/2010

Woots~! Uploaded 266 pics on FB taken during the event. Thanks for liking, commenting and even made some of the pics your profile pic =) A few to share here =)

Pre-event (Preparation, rehearsal etc.)
Prescott Hotel, Klang.
Was there about 2pm.

Balloons~ I love the colour =)

The entrance.

Loves! =D I mean, I was just testing Baby Nikon D3000 around and didn't thought it will turn out nice LOL.

IDK why Leon tagged himself there =.=
Looks like a big fish yea? LOL

Me and Siew Lye

Went home around 4 pm and back to Prescott about 6.30pm

The event:

Stunning :D Loving full body shot =)

Reception counter

The MCs

Almost all of us

Backstage. I like the purple backdrop btw =)

My group doing our dance. Thanks peeps, really appreciate your time and effort =)

Didn't take many pics of myself, can't self-shot with Baby LOL. Some pics with peeps to share, the rest on FB *smiles*

Senior Jia Jun. He has 2 mobile phone numbers. He actually carries 2 phones around! LOL. All the best for SPM ^^

Model pose kut xP my shoes chopped off =/

The best dressed, Yat Hong (in my opinion) =)

My classmate and Librarian mate, Chee Yee aka Lengzai Koko (I'm serious, It's his FB name LOL)! Try calling our Chinese names, a bit confusing for some ppl LOL. He texted me, telling me to take pics of him MC-ing cuz "I looked so lengzai" LOL!

My Keahlian seniors didn't come for the MP. Anyways, enjoyed the MP, bonding with the Librarian peeps and snapping pics =) Praise God, the event went smoothly overall =) It ended quite late but thanks to my parents, they were understanding, well, more understanding =) coming up... behind the scenes xP