Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Tanglung festival at Klang Police Station Part 2

Before, In between, After

Pls read the "before" before you keep reading on =)

*gasp* the blush was too red :O credits to the makeup artist.

Photography club's President, Sen Chen and me in action
I chose to post this pic 'cuz it makes me look less pale? xP

After giving out all the sweets, Time for some self-high-ness xD

Photography club was there to earn some bucks. Promoting with our 2 bosses :D

My bike shot :D
Siang at the background LOL

Nikon D3000 <3
Baby totally rocked the night =) I know Baby missed Tripod because Baby laugai-ed, blurring the pics without Tripod. Next time we'll remember Tripod kays, Baby?

Wonder why Kien Tian and me are squatting? Andy was emo-ing and we kinda tried to cheer him up but instead, we became his "photo victim". I hope this shot made you LOL-ed, Andy.

Andy smile-lah =)

Photography club toppers~! *woots*
We miss Shien Yee

All of us who were there. Don't you think the club's shirt is nice? =D

Yup, The 4Fs making their 2nd appearance on my blog LOL. They're like some super gang in High School Klang LOL
Tan, Nanny, Pang and Andy

Just 1 of the few crazy shots we took. More on Facebook =)

I went home even before the event ended. Thanks to all of you who kept me company, you all totally rocked the night =)