Friday, 1 October 2010

What's GTA's van doing here??

My family went to church to fetch Daniel and friends back from SSMC's Birds and Bees camp, specially for the Standard 6. Guess what I saw? I quickly snap pics xP

GTA'S van! The fact is, some kids from GTA joined the camp, not just this year but the previous years too. True Example: Carissa and Sarah went to the same camp, didn't get to know there but in Kwang Hua, somehow they were talking bout some things and found out they went to the SAME camp AT the SAME time. There was less than 100 campers and don't they know the camp is organized by SSMC or at least they know where they are going rite?

I'm not making a fuss or whatever but I just got to blog it out. I am the only person from my church in Kwang Hua and in STK and nobody knows where is my church but I think some actually knows but just don't really know LOL? For Carissa's case, maybe they just don't know. Lol? I'm just confusing myself.

Random post bout the VAN from the Church just in front of my current's school LOL!

SSMC Chinese youth's FIRST activity is tomorrow~! :D