Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Blessed 19th birthday, Leon

What a late post LOL.

It's amazing how God puts different ppl into your life and you learn different things from them. I can't recall how our friendship started. Bowling alley? LOL

We didn't get in touch much other than texts and net until... I went to Form 6 :O sounds creepy? xP If you guys read my first day of Form 6, yup, I only had Mun Yan with me until she went back to UTAR. Yi Jen is in a different class, we got busy in different clubs and activities, didn't get in touch much sigh. Ke Lin was not yet in Form 6 back then. I was kinda lost and clueless, I'm serious! I don't have my usual friends around me (miss you all dearies~!!) and I was in the midst of making new friends, it's like going through the whole process again.

His Real name is Lim Shao-Wei btw LOL. I joined the Christian Union and he's the ex-pres of CU. He becoming a Christian is another long story, he shared his testimony during ISCF pre-rally, want the vid? Get it from him LOL.

We were familiar in words, but like a stranger in real life before my Form 6 life started. Things turned out quite well though =) We shared some crazy moments, kinda my fault-lah, he's so helpful that I made him stay up late to monitor my NiE work. He turned up for the Tanglung festival (I warned him NOT to go. yer) when he's suppose to be studying at home swt. Next time, I'll hit you harder =.=

It seems like our friendship is a looong discussion, like, we update each other. He bugs me to read my bible and I bug him to study LOL. He's officially my PRO STALKER. *speechless* Who say being friends have to have plenty of things in common? He has great memory, mine is so short like I might forgot what I've taken for lunch (but of 'cuz, my lunch in STK is always nasi lemak or noodles, that's all LOL). and he's bad at taking care of himself, nuff' said =.= Diet controller here LOL.

A huge secret to be bocor-ed... He knows practically everyone that I get in touch with. Jasmine is one funny case, she tries to stalk him, he gave his no. to her via FB without knowing hers (how weird is that?!) One of the Sundays after church, she called him up and threw a prank, I totally LOL-ed all the way! F.U.N.N.Y. MAX! xD Random LOL.

Don't be frightened, I was just describing him in an overly exaggerated manner LOL. No doubt he's a good friend who cares and he feels like a guardian to me. Now that his net is still down, you won't see him online often unless he pops in to the Cyber Cafe. Feel free to nudge him *bluek*

The whole point of this post is to give him some appreciation and it's a birthday post hah! My friends out there, I know you are happy for me when you are reading this to know that I have a nice friend here =)

We've been talking about making a piano vid but that never happened until recently LOL. It's a song he sent for me to learn, that was back during my after SPM holidays, was totally free and spent a lot of time on net for music searching, edu searching, blogging~, piano etc.

And.. I don't have a recent pic of him LOL.

Blessed birthday!!! =)

Cam phone version