Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Chang Er to-be Part 1

Before, In between, After

Thanks Siew Lye for the pics =) I want the pic with you though ^^

How did it all started?
Answer: Teacher Te needed ppl to help him manage the Tanglung Festival. The first ever Lantern Festival held in a police station =) NO JOKE. He came to library on Tuesday, which was my duty day. He talked to Kien Tian because teacher needs manpower for registration. I was busying Youtubing for Librarian MP (farewell). 

Teacher came to me and said:"Hi, can you help me in this event? I need a Chang Er to give out sweets and I can't find a girl your height" My first reaction was:"huh? You're not joking rite..?" I didn't say it out lah of course LOL. I wanted to help but I hesitated, FYI: I actually didn't know what's a Chang Er, I only know it's like a fairytale where she went up to the Moon LOL. *slaps hand on head* 

Anyway, Teacher Te got my phone number and called me on Friday. Sounds desperate huh? I'm not being perasan but among so many ppl, why me? LOL. I asked for permission from my parents and permission was granted =)

The costume was long, just falls nicely at my ankle. I wore flats, heels will kill my feet after all the walking. My job was to give out sweets to the kids, well, some adults grab their share too LOL. It's fun watching the kids though =) Posed for some shots, so.totally.not.a.poser.kays. I do understand when you try to get a nice shot but the person doesn't want to co-operate with you. Bear in mind it was at night, easily can get blurred shots compared to clear ones. My experience =)
1 makeup artist and 1 hairstylist LOL

I have no idea why so much time and effort is spent doing the makeup and hair, I'm just giving out sweets, what you say? LOL

Special thanks to Siew Lye dear for accompanying me to the makeup and hairdo place. You know how hard was it to put on the costume anot LOL. Don't know what I'll do without her.