Thursday, 11 November 2010

Ke Lin's 18th birthday celebration

We've been to a lot of places.. Guess where we went this time?

Prepare for BIGBIG PICS xD testing~

Shah Alam Lake Garden! Due to some miscommunication, we've been circling around.. literally a One day trip in Shah Alam LOL. We went there to exercise and catch up at the same time.

Thank God for the clear weather =) and thanks to Mun Yan, I get to snap ^^

We were feeding the fishes with bread then Mun Yan was surrounded by crows!

Yue Wan came back all the way from AIMST, Kedah and brought her housemate along =) Jemimah Yong (woots~! a Yong! xD I get all family-family when it comes to a Yong xP) is a nice person, she can easily mix around. Nice to have your company =)

The dearies! don't need much intro here dy right? =)

At the Chor's residence

Playing one of the black beauties there =) Ke Lin "电"到?! xD
I know I'm getting a lil Syok Sendiri but hey, once in a while, no cam to SS ma x)

Makan time~!

Family reunion lunch macam xD

We did the wash up.. wait.. we kept Ke Lin busy so we can set up ^^

Lovely cake =D

Ke Lin comes out of the kitchen, then when the piano plays, we sing "Happy Birthday"! Mun Yan's dad can really sing btw =D


There's always something special in all of our birthday cards that makes us treasure it a lot.

Thanks Aunty Chor for letting us tumpang your house. Your cooking is good too ^^

Playing with Baby Colin. CUTE!

All of us took a pic with the birthday girl. Ke Lin and Me. I must have known you for more then half of my life, how long is that? LOL. Although we are in the same school studying form 6 but bumping into you is so rare. Totally miss the times we spend together. It will not be the same again but you'll always be on my mind and in my heart, just so you know =) Blessed 18th birthday!

We headed to Sunway Pyramid, not really planned. Ke Lin had to go to church but we met up with her when we were just about to leave from there. I sms.ed Bro Alex, working on a public holiday?! Aw. Had a short meet up with him. Take care and pls have enough of sleep, you want to feed your customers with good food LOL.

On the way there~
I can't thank Mun Yan enough for driving me around, ALWAYS. Appreciate you and not take you for granted. I hope one day I'll be able to drive you =) Parents of Kimberly Yong.. pls take note :P

I didn't know Daiso Sunway Pyramid is already open! No need to go to the Curve just for Daiso dy xD Daiso never stops to impress me ever since I went in Daiso for the first time in Singapore. Random-nye. Backbackback~

I crashed the CP's gathering LOL. At Wong Kok. The Wifi rocks x)

Can't wait to see you without specs, Eileen! *excited*

We'll find all sorts of reasons to meet up again. Love you all, dearies =) Take care