Saturday, 27 November 2010

My holiday Part 1

Part 1 Part 2
If you checked out the sneak peek of this post, Yup! It's like so long ago LOL. Didn't have the time to blog but since my next holiday is coming up, it's time to blog bout my June holiday =)
TooSo many nice pics, I just can't post it all here. As I blog, I'll post it on my FB photo album. The Olympus cam did a great job. Purposely bought it for this trip and now you know, it's gone 'cuz of this. Nvm. I did have about 3 months with cammie, good times.
Cameron to Pulau Perhentian and to Kampar and back home by car. a WHOLE week trip LOL. Go Malaysia~!

Day 1
Cameron Highlands! Been a while since My family last went there.

Me and sis

Bro and dad

Ready for pics? xD

Nice anot? LOL

Bought Strawberries from the Farm =)

Olympus cam can even take JUMP! shots wey. I still can't manage to do that with Baby Nikon D3000

My sis is good at jumping :D

Oly Apartments
Nice place. 3 rooms. enough for everyone to sleep comfortably~ =)

Day 2
Before heading up, we stop by CHEFOO.

Head up to Gua Musang and meet up with uncle and family


At Kuala Besut

Stayed overnight at Samudera. There were only 2 motels or hotels (IDK) so no complains, it's just a night before Pulau Perhentian~

To be continue...

I 've began to like Mrs Lee's "ask me why" line, so.. ask me why this holiday is just so fun xP