Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Siew Lye's 18th birthday

We had a celebration for Siew Lye. Dear, hope you liked it =) I enjoyed snapping with Baby Nikon D3000 :D

Happy birthday, Siew Lye!

Me, the birthday gal and Sor Wen

The cake

Aw~~ the KU peeps ^^

Exam's over. Gonna start a few tuition classes. Ppl change so dramatically sigh. Expectations are different from time to time. Got to catch up on studies and piano. Creny, Beethoven, Debussy and Theory. Got to work out, I don't want a big tummy, so not matching with my frame. I miss swimming.. November is a hectic month. Kids camp is coming. Gotong royong perhaps? and... er.. you'll know soon LOL.
Blogging as usual, I have to clear the mess I made, it's related to practically everything. Being who I really am ain't easy, that's gonna be a long post xP

"When I'm with anybody else, it's so hard to be myself, and only you can tell..."  <3
I'm only me when I'm with you-Taylor Swift

It's amazing how a song speaks and it actually happens in real life! LOL