Friday, 5 November 2010

STK photography club

Why did I join the photography club(Kelab Seni Foto)? 
Basically I just want to get officially involve with photography club. Many times during my days in Kwang Hua, I've been often mistaken as a photography club member, weird? LOL. I was just a librarian then, willing to snap pics for librarian events =) Besides CU, this is another club I joined for my co-curriculum.

The member's meetings and all were OK. Then came the interview, we had to fill in a form to apply for a position in the club. I applied for jurugambar (photographer) which I only got to know that it means normal member on during the interview session itself! I had bad experience during the Ping Pong Club interview and AGM, that totally brought down my confidence, like, real low. For a point, I didn't want to attend the SF interview session, for no particular reasons but I decided to give face-lah, SF didn't irritated me or nythi ng before LOL. I'm just happy to be anywhere as long as I get to touch the DSLR ^^ Anyway, I was chosen as the vice Secretary of the Photography Club. I know nothing bout Secretarial job, blurred, but will get the job done =)

The farewell party wasn't like what we suggested during the interview, but we had fun =)

Seniors and juniors

The old boss

Me and Sor Wen


I'm truly blessed =)