Friday, 19 November 2010

Temporary Home- meaningful blog post from Wynne

I went to Wynne's blog, another really meaningful article from her =) 

"There is no end to what money can buy. There is no limit to what the world has to offer. We can have the whole world at our mercy but still be miserable and unhappy.

There must be more to life than living on this earth, working hard to reach for our goals, trying hard to be a "good" person and spending money on things we love. If that is all to what there is, didn't Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley have it all? What led to their downfall? Why are thinkers and philosophers always cracking their heads trying to find out the meaning of life?
Nobody likes to be alone. However close we are to family and friends, they aren't us. They will never feel the pain hidden inside. They can never hold those tears shed.

But we have a God that is able. He created you and I after all. He knew us when we were in our mother's wombs. He knows every strand of hair on our heads. He understands every reason for our tears and heartbreak. In fact He loves us so much that He sent His son, who was willing to step down from that throne of glory above to become a man on this ever-suffering earth. To feel our pain, our heartbreak, our suffering, our neediness. Thru it all, He gave his life as a sacrifice for us and for His Father's glory. How great is His love? It is astounding. Whatever situation you are facing right now... Or however worthless you may feel, He is waiting to hold your hand. He is waiting to wipe your tears. Will you reach out?

Where is your next stop after this temporary stay on earth?

All you need is faith to believe."  

God bless~!