Friday, 19 November 2010

To the bank! and updates

Went to the bank on Tuesday to make an ATM card. I'm officially in charge of my own passbook yay? The officer charged me RM8 and I only found out when I log on to my Maybank2U account.  
FYI: My mum was a bank officer in Maybank for 20+years so she knows how to handle situations like this *teehee*

Called the call center and asked why they charged me RM8. To my surprise, it's for unlimited withdrawal. They charge RM8 per year for that. There's a 4 times withdrawal limit per month, for the 5th withdrawal onwards, RM0.50 is charged per withdrawal. It's not right putting me up for the service, I didn't request for it! And If I didn't check my Maybank2U acc, I won't realize RM8 is missing for no good reasons. Mum called the branch, requested for a refund. I think they told mum to write letter to xxx yada yada, some troublesome procedures but haha, refer to FYI, she's experienced in matters like this. If I were to handle it all my own, I probably will be a total blur case. Thanks mum =)

Things to be grateful for:
3 tuition classes today totally scared me =O I was having stomach ache, IDK why! I was praying for total recovery and the strength to just make it through the last tuition class of the day. Before accounts tuition, Mrs Lee announce that she wants to end the class at 6pm, instead of 6.30pm. In my heart, I was thanking God. Oh yea, my stomach didn't ache anymore after water and rest toilet? LOL

Before class ended, someone requested the Acc tuition class on Saturday to be carried forward to 9am, I was like:"oh no, Tammy and Felicia's class" Few times I almost had to cancel my class 'cuz of sudden arrangements but that didn't happen. It's not like I wanna earn that $ but its a commitment as a tutor to teach them. I was praying in my heart again. I waited til everyone leaves the class then Chew Li requested Mrs Lee to change the time 'cuz she don't have transport home, on second thought, Mrs Lee decides to remain the class. I was like:"wow!"
If it wasn't God, I don't know who to believe in.

I want to go Starbucks with my girls tomorrow morning but parents doesn't allow *sigh*. Tammy just sms-ed saying she's down with fever. Aw, get well soon Tam! =)

Is it hard to believe miracles happen? or you might think:" this isn't a miracle-lah". But hey, I have faith and that's a miracle in my point of view.
Praise God <3 

God bless you, peeps =)