Wednesday, 29 December 2010


*Probably will edit this if there's anything to add LOL

Before anyone reads this, note that I'm not pointing at any particular person. It's all jumbled up LOL. This whole post refers to everything I had in mind, generally.

There's just some things I have to clarify. Some people just don't understand and perhaps I offended them. Don't misunderstand anyone when you don't understand them.

There's no right or wrong, just difference.
To me, Birthday cards means a lot to the senders and the receiver . IDK if anyone throws the birthday card they receive, if not, usually it's something they want to keep it nicely. I can joke on anything but there's a limit when it's serious business, my definition of serious business is however different from others. This is kinda like an OLD story I'm telling here but refer to my 3rd paragraph =)

Some have their best friends with them or have their own cliques. 
For me, in the beginning, it's almost like starting all over again.
I don't pick friends. I basically just mingle with whoever is around me. So happen it's a girl or a guy. Girl friends, nice, but once they have their bfs, it seems like it's ok if they care less bout every other people around except for the ONE. Don't you think it's nice if your guy can treat other friends well and even better if he gains their approval? It's not good if two sides are against each other, then its a hard time for you to choose to side where.

I told you about a friend of mine, you told me to look for other friends instead, sounds easy but it takes time. Wynne's teacher was right, our best friends are mostly found during our high school years =) perhaps I'm made to have a silent recess or just love to be surrounded by books xP Sociable me has a withdrawn side too huh?
Guy friends. Some ppl's mind are just too complicated to understand simple friendships LOL. Since I'm in a guy school and it's only co-ed for Form 6, my guy juniors are so cute, well, some =)

I have 3 closer.. erm,well kinda friends in Form 6 and only 2 person knows LOL, not even the 3 of them knows. Things got a bit rough though but I hope for the best =)

Sorry, I never had the chance to say thank you to you all. Thanks for celebrating even without me around. Nobody dare to bring this out so I guess you all realize that it's weird-call me up to on webcam when I was sick on bed, sang birthday song then carry on eating and playing without me having the chance to thank you all. I totally appreciate even if it's only a text or a phone call to just wish me, no need all those extra stuff.

Do I mind at all?
My lips will dry, crack and eventually peel off without lipbalm in air-cond room. I have no problem bringing my lipbalm to school all these while. Spot check? Who wants to confiscate a lipbalm? LOL Thanks for the weird faces. When everyone digs in and there was me, saying grace giving thanks for food. I used to feel very comfortable and natural doing so and til now I don't bother much when ppl stares. Being a Christian is easy? Says who? Persecution happens til now, lil, mild, be it serious, all in the newspapers.

I remember we used to talk about our future. We thought we will go to X uni, the uni my dad graduated from. Business is your passion. I know you care about me, you told me music is for hobby and I should do accounting instead. Well, Acccounting isn't a dream of mine, music is though, for now =) Every now and then I see the advertisement of X uni then I will think of you, haven't seen you in a while =)

I remember someone said about 1 more year. Hm, 1 year comes and goes pretty fast. A memorable friendship takes more than that though =) nvm, it's just 1 more year.

I probably get beaten up during my first day of school for my frankness xP

That's about my lower 6. relieved after blogging.
2011 is coming
Much Love <3, Kim

Saturday, 25 December 2010


Why is there Christmas? Christmas is MORE than just the birth of Jesus Christ. Ever wonder why God would sent His only Son to earth, to live and grow from a baby to a man?

Friends, I'm not good at words but I think songs speaks too er.. LOL? This shall be my words to you for this Christmas, present for you from me, a blog post, wow xP. Pls don't just ignore this post, take time to read as I took time to put it all together =) and with an open mind and heart kays =)

I always say "God loves you" in my post or when I greet ppl. What is L.O.V.E.? Like and Love are very different. Here's a song that pretty much explains it =) Lyrics are clear in the vid whee *S.S.ed pulak xP excited mah*

God is true love, and if you don't know this love, now is the time to know, perfect love.
I personally believe that I can't love anyone when I don't have God in my life, because God is Love =) Keep reading, my Christmas present for you doesn't end here LOL

We are the reason

Christmas isn't Christmas till it happens in your heart
 scroll down as the song plays =)

Christmas isn't Christmas till it happens in your heart
Somewhere deep inside you is where Christmas really starts
So give your heart to Jesus, you'll discover when you do
That it's Christmas, really Christmas for you

Jesus brings warmth like a winter fire
A light like a candle's glow
He's waiting now to come inside
As He did so long ago

Jesus brings gifts of truth and life
And makes them bloom and grow
So welcome Him with a song of joy
And when He comes you'll know

That Christmas really Christmas
Christmas really Christmas
Christmas really Christmas for you

Mighty to save

scroll down as the song plays =)

Would you believe me if I said.
That we are the ones who can make the change
In the world today.
Would you believe me if I said.
That all of the dreams in your heart
Can come
Would you believe me if I said.
That life could be all that you want it to

And if I had wings I would fly
'cause all that I need;you are...
And if the world caved in around me...
To you I'd still hold on
'cause you all that I believe...
And the one that created me...
JESUS...because of you...I'M FREE

Would you blieve me if I said.
That God can make miracles happen today.
Would you believe me if I said..
That you don't need to wait for the answers before.
You step out in faith.
Would you believe me if I said.
That nothing is ever impossible..for God...

Just live your life...with God inside..
You won't regret one moment of it.
And give it all that you can for God, for God

Christmas is a gift of Love from God to us. We are sinners who aren't worthy to be loved *gasp* but yet there's NO doubt God loves all of us. Sin destroyed the relationship between God and man (who were made by God's image, the "man" here refers to humans, not just guys LOL) and the relationship between humans. God sent Jesus to put things right =) Jesus died on the cross and conquered death. and by the cross, Horizontally: the relationship between humans were restored, Vertically: The relationship between God and man was restored

God wants to know YOU! yea, you there LOL. AND to be known by you. God loves you, and he wants to be loved by you. Hm, what hurts more when the person you love doesn't loves you back? *random thought huh*

I aint a chim theologian or what so ever. What I did was I really blogged this out from my heart. Why didn't I go out and approach you one by one? I probably freak you out with my very banana Mandarin or very chinese-English LOL. and of cuz, awkwardness, sorry, my bad. Thank You for reading. I hope this helps you to understand the meaning of Christmas. Feel free to come talk to me in case you wanna debate *gasp* or just want to find out more =)
No offense kays. Open minded remember? LOL

God must be the best "santa" because he gave us the best gift EVER-Jesus. Would you receive him? =)

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Singapore 2010

I haven't started my Youth Camp 2010 post, Michael is kinda busy so I guess the pics got to wait =) Finally, my yearly trip to Singapore! *woots!* Exactly A day after youth camp, then it's my Singapore trip, how pack is that?

Special thanks to High School Klang Photography Club for allowing me to Babysit Baby Nikon <3 Pictures taken using Nikon D3000 with 18-55mm lens

Day 1: Rest & Relax

Zi Xuan upgraded to a full sized violin! Congrats ^^

Grandma flew to China for holiday ^^

Day 2:
Food court food is nice. Proven. xP

We wanna play Luge so Uncle got the kids *ahem* 2 rides each *whee* Imma happy kid xD

Yan Qi

One of the tickets

Megazip! The staff was kind, she suggested the adults to take the buggy and meet us there at the end point so uncle can use Baby to snap pics :D


There was a beautiful Christmas tree in Vivo City but Baby ran out of batt =( helped random ppl to snap pics though =)

Day 3:
Subway for lunch!

Playing with Baby <3

The token for the Slide


Water is to be treasured and not wasted

Rainbow colours

Our tour guide

complimentary drink

A group shot!


Aunt and mum

Ciku! Funny story behind this. Too funny to share it here xD

Went to Changi Airport for the Slide!

We randomly joined this grab-a-coloured-ball-and-get-a-lil-gift event LOL

The boys entertaining themselves LOL

Dinner at Chinatown

ION toilet xP I rmb I came here last year for a mirror shot too *teehee*

Walked along Orchard Road.

Blue themed. Light decos.

Live. Laugh. Love

Ferrero Rocher Tree


Day 4- Shopping Day!

Long escalator xO
*phobia height*

Liu Lian! xD

At Bugis Street. Cheap and nice stuff =)

At Mum's cousin's Baby girl's full month dinner

Cousin sis unite! Look how they've grown up! =)  *Uncle behind xP*

I totally enjoy meeting my relatives again. Each trip to Singapore is special =) This time I learned how important it is to be contended. Rich outside but not rich inside is no good. *broken English kut xP*  I noticed the teenagers in S'pore either have an iPhone or a BB =O well, based on my observation in the MRT LOL. Did my CNY shopping, I hardly shop like that lol?

Won't be able to visit Singapore next year end 'cuz sis is having SPM, I'm having STPM, Yan Qi will sit for PSLE and the Lee's are going to USA! *wow* One thing about Malaysians is that we don't walk as much as Singaporeans. Bro used to complain about walking but with Zi Xuan around, I guess he's motivated to run LOL. The public transport in S'pore is as efficient as ever. The Trip there got me missing Su Xian, Isaac, Yi Qian and all my friends who went there to study. *aw*

I hope I didn't miss out nything important here, might edit again LOL.
I know, Baby rocks much =)
Feel free to read my previous trip to Singapore posts

Watching Narnia tmr. Dad has been reading the book and has been telling us the story from what he has read. Look who's more excited? xP

God bless peeps! =)