Sunday, 5 December 2010

My holiday Part 2

Part 1 Part 2
Pics might take some time to load =) Noticed the watermarks? =) Olympus cammie did a great job

Day 3,4 and 5
Off on a boat ride to our chalet. I forgot how long was the boat ride, can literally nap during the journey if you don't mind the bumpy.ness LOL. June is a peak season 'cuz the weather is perfect, not a monsoon season, many chalets and hotels are fully booked but we booked in advance whee~

We stayed in Abdul's Chalets. Totally recommend this place!
Met up with Aunt and family from Singapore. We were all so excited 'cuz we planned this trip for quite some time. I had my Librarian task to do that week. I ain't gonna skip this trip, but pia-ed all the way after this trip kays xO

The boat can just stop us at the er mini port (IDK wazzitcalled)  The boat can't get you off straight at the hotel or chalet, there will be another smaller boat to send you to the hotel halfway through the boat journey. My grandma and Grandaunt joined this trip, the transferring-to-a-smaller-boat-in-the-middle-of-the-sea is kinda mahfan a hassle for us. So yea, Abdul's Chalets! xD

Nice clean room. There are non-Air conditioned room available but according to some of the other tourists there, ain't a good choice, might get stuffy and all. Shared this room with Grandma and sis, we requested for an extra mattress. No TV in this room.

Pulau Perhentian
The place is just so beautiful, I don't want to leave xO
I kid you NOT! none of these pics were edited

We checked-in and went out to the sea for snorkeling. The water is just so clear!
Uncle with kids' safety jacket LOL

Mun Yan's LOMO and underwater film cam from Aunt Ching. Haven't develop the films yet.

 sista <3

Love this pic of hers ^^

Lunch. Delicious!

About 2am in the morning, uncle came knocking on the door. "sea turtle!"
Aunt told the chalet management to inform us if there's any sight of sea turtles. This is the FIRST time any sea turtle came to Abdul's Chalets to lay eggs! The sea patrols were there too.

The turtle trail

During one of our snorkeling trips in the sea, we saw a sea turtle! It can really swim fast LOL.

Breakfast! Mango juice~


Beach activity

Canoe.ed. swam, relax.ed :D

Outside Dining area

There's a TV there LOL

after hours in the water

spot the squid!



Who thought plastic is a "good" invention?

Saying goodbye to the beautiful Pulau Perhentian

We drove down to Kota Bahru then to Kerik, or Grik or Gerik xP forgot liao :X It's a small town. By the time we reached there, it's almost dinner. Stayed in this budget hotel. Basic facilities, clean, cheap. They have Wifi! LOL

My China-made phone ^^

Day 6
Kampar! One of my fave places

Lunch with Granduncle and Grandaunt from Kampar

Grandma stayed in Kampar for most of her life. She literally knows everyone in the street :O including this cloth shop's owner LOL.


Some ppl don't like the fact that I blogged and post pics of my family. Well, I'm wise enough to know how to protect their privacy =) Praise God for protecting us throughout the journey and the house.

Conclusion: Pulau Perhentian is a MUST go! Clear blue sea, clear blue sky ^^

Thanks for reading.
God bless you =)