Friday, 17 December 2010

Random pic #1
Alvin (Left) and Michael's bag

Guys are just so different huh? LOL
Random-nye xD
Will continue blogging if I have time xO

STKCU farewell party is TODAY! Sorry for FFK-ing. Thanks to my helpful and understanding committees! =) I did what I could to help and to make me a less-lousy-pres :X To the lower form committees, I got nothing to say, Message tak reply, Call tak reply until the N time I called swt. Responsible is the word y'all. I guess I got to get used to this situation, the difference between co-ed school and guy school LOL?

STPM is over yes?!?! LOL Time flies, it's gonna be my turn SOON xO missed tonnes of tuition classes and homework X.X It's not a holiday for all Form 6 peeps.
*takes a deep breath*

I kinda like this freedom here, Nitez peeps ^^ Take care~! =)