Friday, 3 December 2010

Random pics!

Random pics from my phone n sis'

The fan I found in school. How to fan? LOL

Finally went for jeans shopping. My previous one (A brand) some how "grew" bigger and looser :O Eileen recommended the G brand LOL. Pics don't lie here, maybe it's the cutting of the jeans LOL. I'm wearing the bigger one LOL

After 3 hours of account tuition, a bunch of classmates went K-ing~

Then I went for Maths tuition after 2 hours? LOL Tuition marathon xO

Church was decorated really nice with the sea theme. I missed helping out in the High Sea Expedition Children's Camp. Sis and bro had fun and they can't stop singing the new songs they learnt

Duty-ing in Lib. A lot of dusty *achhhoo~!* old books
Woots~! A book from the Chronicles of Narnia series. I'm such a big fan xP

and we found nonsense book LOL

Wayyyyyy back LOL. Dropped by Kwang Hua CU! Games time.

Ever spontaneous Pang Chee Meng LOL


Good to have a feel

Went up to the library and along the stairs...
Proud wey LOL

The construction in Kwang Hua is still going on. I miss the big tree though.