Friday, 10 December 2010


Random pics.
Diary of a Wimpy kid!!! LOL. Cousin had the collection, the new book came out. I had to help Tammy with her book report so we read through the book. Nice ^^

A visit to Mun Yan Dear's house =) felt totally welcomed. Her mum invited me for dinner but I have dinner waiting for me at home, perhaps next time =) Honored to be the FIRST to watch Mun Yan's group presentation video, Kedai Kopi Productions huh? xD

Met up with Tien Zhi Kor at Aeon Bukit Tinggi. Awesome stuff. I texted Wei Yan and Tien Zhi, Wei Yan was still in Subang, I thought Tien Zhi wouldn't come cuz Wei Yan can't make it, to my surprise, he said OK =) 2 meet ups on 2 consecutive Thursdays before my piano class =) Both of the meet ups were so short, less than 45 mins. One at Starbucks, treated dad and kor xD One suppose to be at New Zealand Natural but it CLOSED DOWN! Chatted and walked around a bit before he had to fetch his sis. I'll make sure he informs me when he goes to Korea *winks*

Rainbow <3

Went to A1 to replace my tuition lesson from Delta. Suppose to start at 9am but no classroom available yet so we waited in this room.

Beng Ghee's cute pens! Aren't they cute? :D

Sis bought Starbucks for us. We forgot to take J card along, 
FYI: J card members get 10% discount ^^ The barista gave us a special receipt where we need to go to their website, answer their survey questions and whoalah! Free tall drink =) We have to redeem it within 14 days so we went today before tuition ^^

Dark Mocha

Sis went to shop for shoes, her Carlo Rino shoes are so pretty =) Shared the drink with bro and dad, well they just took sips, it's coffee so it kept me awake throughout my 4 hour tuition class. It's not that I take Starbucks often but it taste really good, especially when I'm sharing it or drinking with my loved ones =)

We tend to take things and people for granted until one day we realize that we are doing it.
It breaks my heart.. for reasons I do not know... but I seem to feel the pain, it's happening around me. For those who had to learn the lesson the hard way, I'm just speechless cuz you gave me a wake up call and I appreciate it. I'll pray. Just believe. Faith.
Anybody other than the ppl you love told you that they love you? God loves you, for sure =)
God bless peeps. Take care *hugs*