Saturday, 24 December 2011

14 Dec 2011

STPM is officially over! notgonnaresitplsplspls
Exactly 9 more months til I turn 2-0, no longer a teen *yikes*
What I did right after my final paper? was brought to a musical instrument shop and that brought smiles to my face LOL. It's like a kid entering a candy shop kinda feeling, excited all over, looking and checking out the instruments available there. And I saw..

Decided to snap this 'cuz I thought of my student who loves Hello Kitty =)

I don't know how to play the ukulele but it's a fun, cute instrument ^^
Special thanks to you.know.who, quality time spent =)

Grandma came! :D She said I slimmed down alot :/ The next day was Youth camp. aww! and she went back the day after Youth Camp ended. Double Awws! Didn't get to spend much time with her. She won't be with us in Singapore this year as she will be celebrating CNY there next year. She gave me and sis some SGD for shopping, told us where to get her MRT card that we can use there, how thoughtful of her but I wished she could come with us :")

Thanks for reading, God bless you! =)

STPM final week!

Pengajian Am 1: seriously, I don't know how well I did :/
Account 2: Analisis Titik Pulang Modal was out! woots! so is Pengekosan Serapan dan Marginal. OK paper =)

I thought a bit  too much like:"what if I F**LED my STPM?!"  etc (>.<) I need to have faith that God is ahead of me and He knows best. STPM ain't gonna be siblings' thing, sis registered for college whee! :D

What's next? Insomnia pls be gone! 9 months of holiday.

God bless you! =)

Saturday, 10 December 2011

STPM week 3

Accounts 1 was rather easy compared to some past year papers but I made silly mistakes =(
Maths 1 was tough for me. Say no more.
Maths 2. goodness. coughed max. Clueless about linear programming and network planning, both chapters that were life-savers during my trials. Those carried a lot of marks. Spent too much time on index no. yet I don't know whether I score the full marks. How now?

So afraid that I'll repeat Form 6, I'm serious. But why am I not panic? Or I'm just too weak to fight back? 

Pa1 and Accounts 2, last 2 papers.

Take care peeps. God bless =)

Saturday, 3 December 2011

STPM week 1 and 2

Pengajian Am 2

An happy apple from Ke Lin to start the day :)


Did Question 2, 3, 5b, 6a, 7,9.
Essay kinda wrote a bit too long but Chee Hong said it's fine. Phew. Spent too much time on my cylinder graph. Ques 9 IDK what the ques wants :/ Oh well.

Before Econs paper 1 (Microecons)

Microecon was ok =) Praise God. Macroecon on the other hand gave me THIS=> :"( Objective questions were ok, Essay onwards T.T Anyways, moving forward..
Next week: Accounts 1, Maths 1 and 2. 
Last week of STPM: Pengajian 1 and Accounts 2

Random pic to end my post.

God bless you, peeps =)
December already?!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Blessed Birthday, you're biogically an adult now! xP

All the messages I sent was purely random and just to pick on you xP
Blessed birthday, Lim Shao-Wei! =)


This is your birthday present from me to you. Remember to claim it from me after STPM when I see you. Nope, I'm not wrapping it :P Sneak peek x)

Thanks for being such a good friend to me. All the best for your tests *ahem* and study hard larh.
God bless you =)

*yea lah, got to blog and schedule post this, touched? :P

Sunday, 6 November 2011


Selangor Times about my school.

"She asked the clerk to lie to us.."

Sunday's sermon few weeks back was by Pastor Swee Ming about integrity.
I don't remember exactly what the story was but this is a piece of it:

The phone rang, the new employee picked up, the caller asked to speak to the employer, the employer told the employee to tell the caller that he isn't in, the employee refused. (If you were the employer, you'll be mad at the employee for not obeying you, right?) 
This is what the employee said:" If I can lie for you, I can lie to you and I never will"

Pray for Integrity in our midst.
God bless you =)

Ke Lin’s birthday

She made me come to school on my birthday when there was no trial paper but she didn't come to school on her birthday 'cuz "nobody" is going to school. Turned out Pekpek and 4 other guys were present in her class LOL. A very random plan to give her a visit. Called and arranged with 2 of the dearies, forced Pang to drive us there *evil grin* and ta-dah! It's been a while since I last visited her place. Managed to meet aunty and thanked her for the lovely flowers she arranged for me ^^

Kelin birthday 11-girls

Kelin birthday-guys

Hung out at her place, ate delicious food :9 and snap pics~
I'm the only deary who still owe her a love letter :O one week delay letter perhaps LOL!

To my old old old buddy, (3 graduations together, haven't include our kindergarten graduation LOL)

My chiong-hei long wish will be in your love letter, dear :D

All the best for the REAL STPM exam, it's so so soon!!!
Thanks for reading peeps, God bless you! =)

A lesson

It was at a one way street in BBK. This car double parked horizontally (the cars were suppose to park vertically)  just before the empty space I wanted to park in. I'm still a P license driver btw. As I turned in, Myvi's butt scratched the front of this car.
To keep the long story short, I was stubborn thinking that I can settle it on my own but parents helped me through this later on. Thank you so much! =") and sorry for being so stubborn, I learned my lesson.
Beng said that I was stupid and should make a police report cuz the owner double parked lol? AND she was the owner of one of the shops, why not just park in? save the parking fees? IDK! Someone even told me to just drive off, I actually went asking around for the owner LOL. 

The damage 



I didn't told my parents about paying for the damage hence did not follow/bring the owner to a car workshop. (told you I WAS stubborn) The owner brought the car to a workshop, told me it will be about RM350 and I agreed for that price. The owner did not told me any changes of the price until I and classmates went to her shop, she wasn't there and the receipt turned out to be more than expected! Beng think it's fake but hey, if the owner did try to make some cash out of this, sad for them cuz she herself is running her own business and in business, this kind of earning ain't a good kind. (You know what I meant)

My parents didn't argue with it, they did the right thing, paid her and hence, it was settled.
Anyway, what's past is past. Blogging this to remind myself to not repeat my mistake. My parents still love me kays x)

I'm bad at parking and gets nervous whenever the sensor starts to beep :O
I admit, I make mistakes, stupid ones, and I'll learn from them, cool enough? =)
God bless you! =)

Saturday, 29 October 2011

God in Ancient China

Christianity isn't a "white ppl's religion". In fact, to me, it's a relationship with God, how wonderful is that? =) 

I appreciate my culture even more. Grateful for who I am-A Chinese who knows how to read and write Chinese, and also a child of God.
  Watch =)

*How would you feel if you share something that you think might be informative to others but in return get judge by others instead?* 
me? Nothing, I'm not perfect like everyone else. Oh, I don't intentionally irritate ppl xP

STPM~! wow. I'm blogging lesser and lesser. Life's bearable LOL, Praise God =)
Take care peeps.
God bless you!

Friday, 21 October 2011

Lift me up

You lift me up with your love
You lift me up with your love
You lift me up with your love
You lift me up

Waiting for the sunrise
Waiting for the day
Waiting for a sign
That I'm where you want me to be

You know my heart is heavy
And the hurt is deep
But when I feel like giving up
You're reminding me
That we all fall down sometimes
But when I hit the ground

You lift me up when I am weak
Your arms wrap around me
Your love catches me so I'm letting go
You lift me up when I can't see
Your heart is all that I need
Your love carries me so I'm letting go

You lift me up with your love
You lift me up with your love
You lift me up with your love
You lift me up

I know I'm not perfect
I know I make mistakes
I know that I have let you down
But you love me the same

And when I'm surrounded
When I lose my way
When I'm crying out and falling down
You are here to

Lift me up when I am weak
Your arms wrap around me
Your love catches me so I'm letting go
You lift me up when I can't see
Your heart is all that I need
Your love carries me so I'm letting go

I can see the dawn is breaking
I am feeling overtaken with your love
With your love
I don't know what I can offer
In this moment I surrender to your love
To your love

You lift me up when I am weak
Your arms wrap around me
Your love catches me so I'm letting go

You lift me up when I am weak
Your arms wrap around me
Your love catches me so I'm letting go
You lift me up when I can't see
Your heart is all that I need
Your love carries me so I'm letting go

Thank You, God.

Listened to this song many times. Touches me in some ways. I hope it does the same to you =)
God bless you. =)
30days countdown to STPM...

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Today is the day

Bought an old album. *happy* 
Good stuffs are meant to be shared. =)


Couldn't find a youtube video of just the music, there's a video here*click*  but in my opinion, Lyrics is what makes the song meaningful =)

I'm casting my cares aside
I'm leaving my past behind
I'm setting my heart and mind on You, Jesus

I'm reaching my hand to Yours
Believing there's so much more
Knowing that all You have in store for me is good, it's good

Today is the day You have made
I will rejoice and be glad in it
Today is the day You have made
I will rejoice and be glad in it
And I won't worry about tomorrow
I'm trusting in what You say
Today is the day
Today is the day

I'm putting my fears aside
I'm leaving my doubts behind
I'm giving my hopes and dreams to You, Jesus

I'm reaching my hands to Yours
Believing there's so much more
Knowing that all You have in store for me is good, it's good

I will stand upon Your truth
(I will stand upon Your truth)
And all my days I'll live for You
(And all my days I'll live for You)
Sometimes we find ourselves in what feels like a hopeless valley without the strength to go on. I experienced that BUT When this happens, it’s important to recall God’s promise, He never fails =)
I actually highlighted the whole song LOL. Updates: Done with trials. Been an exhausting time for me. Thank God for sustaining me, I didn't know how I survived the trials, hectic max! Overall, my CGPA met the min. passing requirement, close shave! x.x Got to do better.
Off to dinner!
Thanks for reading.
God bless you =)

Saturday, 1 October 2011


Having my birthday in the midst of trials is a bit of a mixed feeling. 
Started the morning with a basket of flowers on my desk. Mystery sender huh? I definitely had Ke Lin in mind but that ain't her style of doing things and that is not her handwriting. She played along and then admit that she is the sender LOL! Beng is amazed at Klin's acting xP Aunty arranged the flowers and wrote the note, aww, thanks Aunty! =)
by kimzhiyi

This bunch of crazy ppl came to my house after school to "surprise" me LOL! 
Sue Xian came to me the day before saying:"Kim, I can't go to your house tmr."  
Me:"My house?!?!"
I questioned Beng and he tried to avoid my question. Apalah neighbour ni :P

Invaded my residence! Thank you so much peeps =) We had a crazy fun time, reminder: in the midst of trials! Special thanks to mum who prepared some food for us~ We even had a human dishwasher, rare sight :P

The cake says "Happy birthday Excellent Flavour" LOL!

AND! a total of 19 ppl came together and got me A Fujifilem Instax Camera! shocker. All these while I thought I was using Beng's sis' cam for a week and even lend it to dearies for the outing I couldn't make it. Beng was like:"You think my sis will lend for for a WEEK?!" LOL!!!

awww. Speechless. I don't like the idea of you all spending that amount of $ on me but Don't get me wrong, I like the present you all got for me. Let's use it together then =)
Fyi: I wore uniform in all the Polaroid pics taken so far LOL!
by kimzhiyi

Mun Yan dropped by my house in the evening after college
by kimzhiyi

and brought me the present and handmade card from dearies =)
by kimzhiyi

by kimzhiyi

Would love all of your company but under circumstances we can't but it's ok. Catch up with you all after STPM =)

"Friendship is like a home, it doesn't just happen; it is built and furnished, just like us" =)

Parents and popo gave me Ang pow. Popo's had wishes on it ^^
by kimzhiyi

My after-one-week-birthday present. Due to my busyness, I often give presents a week after, so it's called after-one-week-birthday present LOL! I want to claim copyright dy xP Nicely made =) Thanks for the wishes peeps!
by kimzhiyi

Not forgetting the many FB and sms wishes. Thank you all! from the bottom of my heart =)

Thank God for this life He has given me. I learned to appreciate my life even more and also appreciate the ppl around me, while they are still around me =)
If Monday is the 1st day of the week and IF we have 70 years to live, it'll be 10 years to 1 day, I'm almost at the end of Tuesday.

Thanks for reading! God bless you =)

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Samsung Galaxy ACE!

Correction: I didn't get it after trials. I got it during STPM trials haha! Bye XiMAX, Hello Samsung! I miss dual SIM but I'll be fine LOL. Bought Ace from one of the dealers from . Received the parcel on within 2 working days =)

Didn't cross my mind to ask for a screen protector, bought that later. Didn't even thought of upgrading it's memory card to a bigger size, 2GB don't seem to be enough =/
Thanks parents, I got my first self-sponsored phone =)

by kimzhiyi

Getting used to charging it everyday. Very Battery-consuming. Loving the apps. Whatsapp for free msges to friends who have that app too, calls aint free btw! And it's only free for a year. Prefer Viber =) Experimenting photo apps too. Little Photo is classic but the file size is a bit too small. 美图秀秀 is ok.

Just Random :P
by kimzhiyi

I didn't forget about STPM kays! STUDY! It's a student's life.
God bless you! =)


She got the result she wanted and mostly importantly, her dream uni =) I'm still so excited and proud of her! We decided to spend a Sunday afternoon together before she flies to UK. Some random pics to share =)

Tested her new cam. One smart cam btw. Love the settings and function =)
Lighter skin tone setting x)

Our purity ring. I don't want to make it sound like a trend, it's purely our personal promise with God =) Spot which is mine? :P

Lunch at Chilis

Grilled Lamb =9

Fajita Trio 

Delicious food. Try it yourself-- that's the best I can describe :P

Focus on the brocolli

Focus on the shrimp!

I'm sure to miss her. I have STPM to keep me busy but I keep track of her updates, she's making new friends and getting used to the surroundings there =) 
Sounds like the song "Jetlag" huh? haha!

All the best, Wynne! Malaysia needs more doctors who are passionate to serve the people. You're blessed to be a blessing =) Take care. Lotsa love <3

Thanks for reading peeps, God bless you!

Friday, 23 September 2011

STKCU Farewell Party and Birthday Party 2011

I admit I took a lot of photos during my KHCU days. Been very occupied with the wonderful STKCU peeps so didn't snap much =) 

STKCU MP at Pn Nita's House! First Monday of the August holiday I think. Didn't keep track of when this and this occur after so long NOT blogging LOL. It was more like a hang put session at our beloved teacher advisor's place. Just relax, have fellowship, food and fun =) Me and Shinh Nian were the only 2 upper 6 seniors who attended. Wei Kwang went to Beijing, En Tze not feeling well and Ke Lin went back to hometown.

Random pics time~! =)

Sweet and simple song from the lower 6 juniors. "I love seniors" in the tune of "Old MacDonald had a farm" xD

Playing with Ying Khian's DSLR :D
Focus on Joe Siang

"I just twitted with Peter's account!" 

Guys' favourite pizzas :P

Sit down, relax and pose xP

Me and Timothy wearing the Mr and Miss T shirt range

Special Thanks to the CU vice president for being so committed in serving STKCU and so many other things to thank you! Glad to work with you =)

told'ya. RANDOM.
Shocker face LOL.

Pn Nita's lil daughter. Cute =)

One of my favourite shots. despite the lightning and all =)

Talent exchanged?!

OH! there was a birthday party during one of the Fridays. more random pics haha.

Pres combo


Sam didi!


All born on 14th of Sept!

 Some of the peeps who were present.

Thanks for reading anyways =) Random much. STKCU have a special place in my heart. I thank God for putting me here for His purpose and for me to know the peeps here. Thank God for Pn Nita too, our dedicated teacher, always =)
God bless you! =)