Sunday, 30 January 2011

Back to December

Taylor Swift!

I love love love the whole setting of this video. Taylor, the orchestra, the piano, the audience, the music =)

4th week of Upper 6 in January

DJ.ed for the first time, officially. Something new but ok lu =) I actually had to script it out 'cuz I can't think fast when I speak in BM =X
Mr Lee retiring ceremony was a bit of kelam-kabut.ness. Last min present preparation, Malaysian timing etc. =/ Then there was sports practice on Tuesday for the upcoming marathon but it rained. Oh well, was so excited to run LOL. Duty was cancelled and practice was postponed to the next day. Was very tired for reasons I'm not too sure so I skipped the practice =/
Beng Ghee and Me rocked the Makro Econ class haha. Bad example though :X
We brought pillows for our butts xD brought them home since it will be holiday =)

For the first time, mum allowed me to drive her to my piano class. Kinda freaky experience =S Masterclass is coming up anytime, got to buckle up and pia piano!~
Sore throat started on Friday x.x After CU, Leon made a last min-kinda sudden appearance in school and I made him treat me SB xP *whatkindoffriendisthiskim?!xP* 
Sorry for the wrong order. The Caramel was so sweet dao *cough* but I totally appreciate it =) Wynne was right about Leon's "sweetness" xP

*woots* Blessed Chinese New Year peeps! =)

I'm a Christian.
I'm a Chinese.
I can speak Mandarin and English that is understandable.
I'm not perfect.
I'm not ashamed for who I am. =)

God bless you ^^

Friday, 21 January 2011

2nd and 3rd week of Upper Form 6

Updated my "Any random day in class" album on FB =) Totally random.

I don't fancy the long stand during our EVERYDAY assembly, not even the sitting, My legs get all numb every time x( Poor blood circulation of mine. There's a movie shoot happening in my school. They said the show is airing on TV9 every Thursday 8.30pm LOL, no time to watch though xP 

The 1st ever spot check of the year was *LOL!* I just don't get it when they confiscated Andy's Charger! Common sense-lah! LOL. Andy started the "common sense" fever in class. We were having Econs, If there's Short term (Jangka pendek) then there must have Long Term (Jangka Panjang), Andy:"common sense-lah" LOL. Andy andy xP 
Mr Oon told the class that a wife can be an Asset and a Liability LOL! Accounts minded xP

I'm officially promoted as Secretary of Photography Club, replacing Shien Yee who is now studying in college. Sor Wen as my vice ^^

Being a living testimony ain't easy. Everyone is watching every single move you make. I told Leon before I entered Form 6 that I wanna be a rebel :X kinda regretted now =(

Ketua Processing 2 rocks at wrapping books! :D I learned a lot from her =)
Told some close friends about some changes. It's not really official yet but many know about it. We just got to wait til it's official LOL. Wish me all the best, 'cuz soon I'll no longer be a "boss" of my AJK but actually have a BOSS =/ haha, I exaggerated-lah xD

Didn't blog last week cuz of my piano performance. I was super nervous. 1st time in my almost 19 years of life :O There was a 13 year old girl who is in Grade 8. WOW! She has such a performer in her *applause*

The piano cover fell when the page turner turned a page for me *shocked* Hands are fine =) Thank God!

The Grand Piano rocks wey. It's like the one in Mun Yan's house =)

That's all ^^

It is good to praise the Lord
and make music to your name, O Most High,
to proclaim your love in the morning
and your faithfulness at night.
Psalm 92:1-2
God bless! =)

Do you see me?

Like, seriously, do you see me? Avatar style macam xP


Mun Yan came over during Thaipusam Holiday =) Totally like how we just relax and chat without caring much. I was totally in my house clothes and my cute nerdy specs! xP Was happy that I could help her a bit on her assignment thingy. She's a *new* Psychology Student btw =) She made me realize that I'm revealing a bit too much info in my bloggie. I took her advice and I'll protect the privacy of my loved ones =) Anyway, so far so good, I've been blogging since 2008~ We stalked our 6M classmates on FB xD Totally hope I can meet up with them despite of my busy MAX schedule.

Ops, there was NO piano class :X Went to Tesco to do some Chinese New Year groceries shopping with parents. Came home exhausted x.x My so called CNY shopping in S'pore isn't really CNY shopping jor, no time to shop nyway xP

Dropped my phone on the floor real hard, not the first 10 times I did I guess :X You wanna know how hectic my schedule is? I don't even have time to take my phone to repair! My mum sent my phone to XiMAX. This pic was taken sometime ago. FOC 'cuz still under warranty =)

Take care peeps! =)

Friday, 7 January 2011

First week of Upper Form 6

How do you feel when you step in class and it seems like all the place had been taken up, and there was an empty seat in between these 2 guys? LOL. Thanks for inviting me =) We are neighbours now! LOL. Chee Hong and Beng Ghee sat beside each other last year, this year don't know why LOL.

Picnik rocks!
I got a BFF award from Chee Hong last year LOL

Beng Ghee, the class monitor!

Both of them totally helped me a lot in my homework and tuition. Thanks again =)


Brought this old dictionary to school, and it's staying there for our use LOL.

Random: A row of 4 ppl, 4 guys in the row just in front of my row, 2 guys on my left, 1 on my right, 4 guys at the row behind us. Miss Choong was like ?! when she saw me LOL.

You know what, I NEED A GIRL FRIEND!


I know! I'm in MAJOR blog debt! I don't think I can "pay" it xO With my super busy schedule, the ONLY free time to switch on the computer and really blog is Friday Night. *back to the topic LOL*

Hits and Misses in Year 2010
It's been a great year! Praise God! Well, not everything went smoothly but with God's help, *phew* I'm a weak human btw.

Family and Friends <3
There were ups and downs but things went well overall =) Glad that the dearies and baobeis still meet up now and then to catch up, like old times =)

SPM holiday was sooo long. Did a handful of random stuff LOL.

Got my driving license. One day back from work, I drove too close to the side and *scratch* on the road divider thingy at a U-turn's.called :x . Poor Myvi, dent a bit jor. Parents didn't scold me or anything, I got to learn from my mistakes.

And yup!! I started working before I officially turned 18! :D It's a "job" I totally love, Kids and Music and English <3

After watch night service, Kor Oon Ee asked me whether I was in Kwang Hua or my school changed name to High School Klang, and that I mention Kwang Hua a lot. Good question. I'm officially a Form 6 student in High School Klang/STK. Kwang Hua is where a lot of memories are, can't compare 5 years in Kwang Hua and like less than 1 year now in High School Klang right? I admit I miss Kwang Hua, the people there, the people I met there, the place.. But still I'm proud to be a part of the schools =) My School mates are nice peeps but it still takes time to find a heart to heart friend there =) I won't know who reads my blog but pls, don't misunderstand me when you don't understand me, even you might think you understand me haha.

I didn't miss Family Camp 2010! Skipped 2009 'cuz of SPM extra class =.= And Praise God for my SPM and Piano Grade 8 results, I ain't a smart student but I worked hard for both major exams. oh yea, Getting E for Bible Knowledge is out of my control if I would say, had a bit of a hard time with that but I never regretted for taking BK SPM =)

Staying far from church is kinda *sigh* Like there's just a church in front of my school which is much convenient. I remember someone said it doesn't matter where you are, you can still serve in all you do. School is my thing 'yo LOL. ISCF!! LOL. I thought 5 years was enough but no, 6 years of rally! LOL. STK CU. A new ministry for me in school. Chinese Youth, a good start =) I'm like a Cina-fellow in church and in other places, ppl think I'm some what westernized, confusing.

Busy me. I missed VBS cuz I had tuition. Aunty Kok Moi came up to me and asked whether I would like to join the team to Thailand for mission trip, parents obviously disagree, I think they think they didn't train me to be independent in another country sigh. It's been 6 years since I last step foot in Thailand for mission trip. Aunty Alice asked whether I can help on the piano for a kid's camp in Segamat, dad's hometown btw. No was the answer from my parents. I was frust kays, like not able to be part of anything there. Still, I'm glad I have a place in school.

Contacts and specs. I love to try new things and Contacts is something new. I don't rely on it to make me who I really am. I still like wearing my specs *wink* I just like how these 2 things make me feel more flexible? I don't think I made sense xD *blah*

I can't possibly write a summary for 2010, that's why I blogged through the year? LOL
I truly learned to be Thankful in ALL circumstances.

Welcoming New Year 2011

First pic of the year 2011

Wynne and me
After knowing her for almost all of my life, I've never been to her house. Saw a pic of lil Wynne and me and some other kids LOL. Twins <3 How did we get there? LOL. Wynne writes great originals btw =) It's a fact that I spent more time in school than in home and church. I glad I get to take some time for some friends in 2010 =)

The girls!

Lomo.ed with Picnik thingy on Picasa

Jane and I
Fun times we had here and there. Spontaneous girl xD

Thanks for reading. God bless you! <3