Sunday, 30 January 2011

4th week of Upper 6 in January

DJ.ed for the first time, officially. Something new but ok lu =) I actually had to script it out 'cuz I can't think fast when I speak in BM =X
Mr Lee retiring ceremony was a bit of kelam-kabut.ness. Last min present preparation, Malaysian timing etc. =/ Then there was sports practice on Tuesday for the upcoming marathon but it rained. Oh well, was so excited to run LOL. Duty was cancelled and practice was postponed to the next day. Was very tired for reasons I'm not too sure so I skipped the practice =/
Beng Ghee and Me rocked the Makro Econ class haha. Bad example though :X
We brought pillows for our butts xD brought them home since it will be holiday =)

For the first time, mum allowed me to drive her to my piano class. Kinda freaky experience =S Masterclass is coming up anytime, got to buckle up and pia piano!~
Sore throat started on Friday x.x After CU, Leon made a last min-kinda sudden appearance in school and I made him treat me SB xP *whatkindoffriendisthiskim?!xP* 
Sorry for the wrong order. The Caramel was so sweet dao *cough* but I totally appreciate it =) Wynne was right about Leon's "sweetness" xP

*woots* Blessed Chinese New Year peeps! =)

I'm a Christian.
I'm a Chinese.
I can speak Mandarin and English that is understandable.
I'm not perfect.
I'm not ashamed for who I am. =)

God bless you ^^