Friday, 21 January 2011

Do you see me?

Like, seriously, do you see me? Avatar style macam xP


Mun Yan came over during Thaipusam Holiday =) Totally like how we just relax and chat without caring much. I was totally in my house clothes and my cute nerdy specs! xP Was happy that I could help her a bit on her assignment thingy. She's a *new* Psychology Student btw =) She made me realize that I'm revealing a bit too much info in my bloggie. I took her advice and I'll protect the privacy of my loved ones =) Anyway, so far so good, I've been blogging since 2008~ We stalked our 6M classmates on FB xD Totally hope I can meet up with them despite of my busy MAX schedule.

Ops, there was NO piano class :X Went to Tesco to do some Chinese New Year groceries shopping with parents. Came home exhausted x.x My so called CNY shopping in S'pore isn't really CNY shopping jor, no time to shop nyway xP

Dropped my phone on the floor real hard, not the first 10 times I did I guess :X You wanna know how hectic my schedule is? I don't even have time to take my phone to repair! My mum sent my phone to XiMAX. This pic was taken sometime ago. FOC 'cuz still under warranty =)

Take care peeps! =)