Friday, 7 January 2011

First week of Upper Form 6

How do you feel when you step in class and it seems like all the place had been taken up, and there was an empty seat in between these 2 guys? LOL. Thanks for inviting me =) We are neighbours now! LOL. Chee Hong and Beng Ghee sat beside each other last year, this year don't know why LOL.

Picnik rocks!
I got a BFF award from Chee Hong last year LOL

Beng Ghee, the class monitor!

Both of them totally helped me a lot in my homework and tuition. Thanks again =)


Brought this old dictionary to school, and it's staying there for our use LOL.

Random: A row of 4 ppl, 4 guys in the row just in front of my row, 2 guys on my left, 1 on my right, 4 guys at the row behind us. Miss Choong was like ?! when she saw me LOL.

You know what, I NEED A GIRL FRIEND!