Saturday, 26 February 2011

Blessed 19th birthday, Chee Hong!

My BFF *click to find out why he's a BFF LOL* is 19 years old! haha!

We had a special surprise for him, or more like, a "trap" LOL.
The plan was to have Chien Yi "quarrel" with Chee Hong and just not be friends when it's just days away from his birthday. Chee Hong was caught in the "trap". It went quite aggressive :O SERIOUSLY! Chee Hong blogged it all out here! Imagine how good was the acting, and the pain leh, like, she had to purposely make it all up and of cuz he was affected. A day after he blogged, I ask him what happened, he told me everything, "The end of my friendship with a normal girl in my class.", that's how serious. Chien Yi told me to add salt to the wound but I just didn't had the heart to do so, watching 2 good friends not being friends is just *OUCH!!!*
Anyway, it was a happy ending after all =) Everything was revealed on his birthday, we made him speechless LOL.

Everyone was all smiles =) the 2 friends are back!! Miss you 2 singing Hokkien Songs that I can't understand LOL.
Chee Hong and Chien Yi
Back together =)

We love you, Chee Hong! LOL!

Beng Ghee, Mr common sense-Andy, the birthday guy and Me, the regular cake chopper xP

And of course, Chee Hong blogged again LOL. *click=>Overwhelmed*. The power of friendship ^^
Enjoy your birthday, Chee Hong! Have a great year ahead! :D

3rd and 4th week of Feb 2011

*gives bloggie a CPR*

Yup, busy as usual. Besides school, tuition and tonnes of homework. Masterclass is this coming Sunday! *ganjiong* Theory exam is in 2 weeks time! *faint jor* Still have paperwork to do for teacher to check *gasp*

Skip those unnecessary details.
Announcement: The family got a *new* family camera! Olympus fe-4050! This is the 3rd cam we bought from the SAME shop LOL. More pics in the future? Perhaps =)

Here I mentioned I'll no longer be a boss but have a boss.
Updates: Wei Meng is the proud Ketua Keahlian now 'cuz he took my post hmph with Juin Hwa as his assistant. Me on the other hand took up Wen Ying's place as the Vice Pres of Librarian and Kien Tian is my BOSS. *freaks out at the B word* blah, just fooling around xP I miss Wen Ying ='( didn't really said "goodbye and see you".

Bought the chain 'cuz no rings are allowed in school kut. Good student xP Finger feels naked though. Getting used to it.
The chain and purity ring.

Stopped by Starbucks Bkt Tinggi before Piano Class to get Choc cream chip *drools* The barista is quite good at making it, nice fine ice blended =)
Random Fact: 1 way to piano class is about 21.3km! LOL

Venti, just enough to keep me awake and going. Theory T.T

Tests, Photo duty, visit to MSU, CU activity :D

Thoughts: I will go all out for a friend =) hey, that's what I'll do for a friend. would you?

Thanks for reading.
God bless you!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

2nd week of February 2011

Wait... This pic is OLD. like Dec 2010? LOL. 
KH Librarian Gathering at Pn Ng's house.
Me and the grown up Tongtong aka Pn. Ng's daughter. She was just a small girl when I first met her. We digged up some memories including the time when her feet was bitten by red ants and Tien Zhi helped her put on her shoes. Wei Yan still has the video LOL! *good.old.times*

Updates =)
Cleaned up my table before the CNY, but it's messy again =.= swt.
I still keep this =) From Jia Yee~ *a bit phobia nasi lemak jor*

The necklace Ke Lin made for my birthday. Ter-tangled jor :X I think I better let the Maker fix it soon *hehe*

School as usual. Inti peeps came for a talk. They had this personality test and guess what? I have SPILT personality-No.1&3. I kinda forgot what was it but here I am, being home alone and not bored yet LOL. Drove to Bukit Tinggi for the 1st time from house... ALONE! It was raining heavily but Thank God, tak ganjiong *phew~* Got to improve on my parking skills, piano teacher was kind enough to help me park in the kinda narrow parking space =) 

Had cross country on Friday. Had fun mingling randomly LOL? Well, the personality thingy is stuck in my head still swt. Leg ache the next day, I didn't go for any training and I'm lousy at running but at least I finished it rite x) 

Saturday was a super random day :D Didn't manage to crash the KHCU activity, perhaps next time. Tuition til 3+pm then off to Wynne's house for her open house! =) Wynne invited Leon and that was the first time the Twitter friends met LOL. The open house started at 12pm and they started the games before we arrived, not in a good condition to get wet in games, just recovered from being sick. Gabby's so cute!!! as always LOL. Was hunting for Michael, this cat is good at hiding huh? =)

Straight after open house, We rushed home and Mun Yan fetch us out again. It was a random outing-The Dearies @ Setia Alam Pasar Malam. KeLin couldn't make it *aw* I almost couldn't make it too 'cuz there were many last mins stuff from my side. MY and Eil were so patient, I mean, til max dy LOL. Thanks girls =) My parents were constantly reminding me not to come back late. The plan was to reach Setia Alam at 7pm but we came back from the open house late, can't expect me to reach home at 8pm when we only got to Setia Alam at 8pm rite? plus, Mun Yan's the boss, she's driving us ^^ not forgetting Leon for being the GPS =) before we dropped him off somewhere which I think it's like the middle of I don't know where! xP Thanks! 

SO yea, just the dearies <3-MY, Eil, Shu Yin, Jia Yee, Yuyu and me =) We just eat, chat and walk. &buy mop xP  We walked yuyu home and yuyu's mum invited us inside. Aunty remembers my name *surprised* 'cuz I don't really recognize aunty *ops* and that was the 1st time I visited Yue Wan's house. Had fun chatting with Aunty. Was about 10pm dy, it's LATE according to my parent's standard, they didn't really set a curfew, as early as possible is it LOL? Reached home, told mum that we were at yuyu's house this and that and blah and everything's ok LOL.

I just miss them, alot =)

Yeap, I wore the same shirt from tuition til the end of the day LOL.

Thanks for reading LOL. God bless you! =)

Music in my head-
Sam Tsui - Don't Want An Ending

Friday, 11 February 2011

Chinese New Year 2011

I was sick before Chinese New Year. Guess what? I rather get sick on a holiday than on a school day, imagine the classes I'll miss and the stuff I got to catch up :O

Photo Credits to Sis! =)
1st day of CNY:

Hometown =)

Yup, the flood was nearby this area.
The pics speak for itself.

Just Random x)

Transporting the car to the other end

Motorbikes too.

Water crisis. Too much water here. Water shortage in some parts of Johor.

2nd day of CNY:
Lol. Using my cousin bro's handphone to snap.

pics to upload

SAME hand size
Cousin sis is sitting for UPSR this year. Plans to apply Singapore secondary school 'cuz the syllabus and language is gonna change for her batch. All the best =) She's real smart btw, her 2 bros too LOL.

I forgot which day of CNY:

LOL! I know, what a random post macam. Can I be more serious? *tries*
Due to my sore throat, I tend to observe ppl more. Not to point fingers but this was what I observed and my opinion =) An article in The Star R.A.G.E. says that Gambling is a way family members bond during CNY. Okay, it's not a prob if nobody is against it but if your family members roll their eyes when you want to go somewhere else to gamble ('cuz nobody in this house gambles *LOL!*), it kinda worsen the matter when you invite *ahem* your kids to go along, they are not interested even LOL. They rather stay back and mingle around with the relatives.
Btw, I don't gamble, like I know how to LOL.
CNY is definitely one of the times for family members to get together, catch up with one another and to feel the family-feel LOL.
God bless! =)

Monday, 7 February 2011

Tien Zhi's 19th Birthday Celebration

A simple and nice celebration. We all got used and accept the fact that my parents are a bit protective compared to their parents, thanks for understanding, guys! =) Special thanks to mum for sending me there 'cuz dad had to send the sofa to his students' place LOL.

K session at Neway, Centro.
Tien Zhi Kor didn't tell us that he had a K session with his college mates a day before our celebration for him, he can't have enough of singing huh? xP 
It was my first time K-ing in such a small group, we get to sing our lungs out! Eat dao so full x.x Who cares if we sing off pitch. Thinking back, I didn't really hear Wei Yan sing much, har.. Kor tries to rap *woots*!
Photo credits to kor!
The BaobeiS
*shiny teeth*

Wei Yan planned out a surprise for Kor, I still don't know how Wei Yan coordinate with the waiter and the birthday song on the TV screen LOL.

The awesome guy friends

The birthday boy. Last year of his teens! xD

So considerate to bring along your camera and I get to use it xP Oh, make me miss those times where I carry cammie everywhere. Got to hunt for 1 soon when I have the time
Have a blessed birthday =) 
Don't you think Kor looks different without his specs? Different in a good way but still my.same.old kaikor xD

The stressed and desserts duo
He lend me his guitar for quite some time and I returned it during the KH librarian gathering. Thanks for trusting me that I'll take care of your wife =) All the best for your uni applications! Sweet guy but sorry girls, he has already have a date for if nothing changes LOL.

I owe you two NZN =)

11.30am-1.15pm then off to Accounts tuition. Yup, no school on Saturday x)
Short celebration due to my busy schedule =/ but I'm glad we make things work out =)

Friendship isn't about being inseparable. It's about being separated and nothing changes.

Til next time ^^
God bless!