Saturday, 26 February 2011

3rd and 4th week of Feb 2011

*gives bloggie a CPR*

Yup, busy as usual. Besides school, tuition and tonnes of homework. Masterclass is this coming Sunday! *ganjiong* Theory exam is in 2 weeks time! *faint jor* Still have paperwork to do for teacher to check *gasp*

Skip those unnecessary details.
Announcement: The family got a *new* family camera! Olympus fe-4050! This is the 3rd cam we bought from the SAME shop LOL. More pics in the future? Perhaps =)

Here I mentioned I'll no longer be a boss but have a boss.
Updates: Wei Meng is the proud Ketua Keahlian now 'cuz he took my post hmph with Juin Hwa as his assistant. Me on the other hand took up Wen Ying's place as the Vice Pres of Librarian and Kien Tian is my BOSS. *freaks out at the B word* blah, just fooling around xP I miss Wen Ying ='( didn't really said "goodbye and see you".

Bought the chain 'cuz no rings are allowed in school kut. Good student xP Finger feels naked though. Getting used to it.
The chain and purity ring.

Stopped by Starbucks Bkt Tinggi before Piano Class to get Choc cream chip *drools* The barista is quite good at making it, nice fine ice blended =)
Random Fact: 1 way to piano class is about 21.3km! LOL

Venti, just enough to keep me awake and going. Theory T.T

Tests, Photo duty, visit to MSU, CU activity :D

Thoughts: I will go all out for a friend =) hey, that's what I'll do for a friend. would you?

Thanks for reading.
God bless you!