Saturday, 26 February 2011

Blessed 19th birthday, Chee Hong!

My BFF *click to find out why he's a BFF LOL* is 19 years old! haha!

We had a special surprise for him, or more like, a "trap" LOL.
The plan was to have Chien Yi "quarrel" with Chee Hong and just not be friends when it's just days away from his birthday. Chee Hong was caught in the "trap". It went quite aggressive :O SERIOUSLY! Chee Hong blogged it all out here! Imagine how good was the acting, and the pain leh, like, she had to purposely make it all up and of cuz he was affected. A day after he blogged, I ask him what happened, he told me everything, "The end of my friendship with a normal girl in my class.", that's how serious. Chien Yi told me to add salt to the wound but I just didn't had the heart to do so, watching 2 good friends not being friends is just *OUCH!!!*
Anyway, it was a happy ending after all =) Everything was revealed on his birthday, we made him speechless LOL.

Everyone was all smiles =) the 2 friends are back!! Miss you 2 singing Hokkien Songs that I can't understand LOL.
Chee Hong and Chien Yi
Back together =)

We love you, Chee Hong! LOL!

Beng Ghee, Mr common sense-Andy, the birthday guy and Me, the regular cake chopper xP

And of course, Chee Hong blogged again LOL. *click=>Overwhelmed*. The power of friendship ^^
Enjoy your birthday, Chee Hong! Have a great year ahead! :D