Friday, 11 February 2011

Chinese New Year 2011

I was sick before Chinese New Year. Guess what? I rather get sick on a holiday than on a school day, imagine the classes I'll miss and the stuff I got to catch up :O

Photo Credits to Sis! =)
1st day of CNY:

Hometown =)

Yup, the flood was nearby this area.
The pics speak for itself.

Just Random x)

Transporting the car to the other end

Motorbikes too.

Water crisis. Too much water here. Water shortage in some parts of Johor.

2nd day of CNY:
Lol. Using my cousin bro's handphone to snap.

pics to upload

SAME hand size
Cousin sis is sitting for UPSR this year. Plans to apply Singapore secondary school 'cuz the syllabus and language is gonna change for her batch. All the best =) She's real smart btw, her 2 bros too LOL.

I forgot which day of CNY:

LOL! I know, what a random post macam. Can I be more serious? *tries*
Due to my sore throat, I tend to observe ppl more. Not to point fingers but this was what I observed and my opinion =) An article in The Star R.A.G.E. says that Gambling is a way family members bond during CNY. Okay, it's not a prob if nobody is against it but if your family members roll their eyes when you want to go somewhere else to gamble ('cuz nobody in this house gambles *LOL!*), it kinda worsen the matter when you invite *ahem* your kids to go along, they are not interested even LOL. They rather stay back and mingle around with the relatives.
Btw, I don't gamble, like I know how to LOL.
CNY is definitely one of the times for family members to get together, catch up with one another and to feel the family-feel LOL.
God bless! =)