Monday, 7 February 2011

Tien Zhi's 19th Birthday Celebration

A simple and nice celebration. We all got used and accept the fact that my parents are a bit protective compared to their parents, thanks for understanding, guys! =) Special thanks to mum for sending me there 'cuz dad had to send the sofa to his students' place LOL.

K session at Neway, Centro.
Tien Zhi Kor didn't tell us that he had a K session with his college mates a day before our celebration for him, he can't have enough of singing huh? xP 
It was my first time K-ing in such a small group, we get to sing our lungs out! Eat dao so full x.x Who cares if we sing off pitch. Thinking back, I didn't really hear Wei Yan sing much, har.. Kor tries to rap *woots*!
Photo credits to kor!
The BaobeiS
*shiny teeth*

Wei Yan planned out a surprise for Kor, I still don't know how Wei Yan coordinate with the waiter and the birthday song on the TV screen LOL.

The awesome guy friends

The birthday boy. Last year of his teens! xD

So considerate to bring along your camera and I get to use it xP Oh, make me miss those times where I carry cammie everywhere. Got to hunt for 1 soon when I have the time
Have a blessed birthday =) 
Don't you think Kor looks different without his specs? Different in a good way but still my.same.old kaikor xD

The stressed and desserts duo
He lend me his guitar for quite some time and I returned it during the KH librarian gathering. Thanks for trusting me that I'll take care of your wife =) All the best for your uni applications! Sweet guy but sorry girls, he has already have a date for if nothing changes LOL.

I owe you two NZN =)

11.30am-1.15pm then off to Accounts tuition. Yup, no school on Saturday x)
Short celebration due to my busy schedule =/ but I'm glad we make things work out =)

Friendship isn't about being inseparable. It's about being separated and nothing changes.

Til next time ^^
God bless!