Sunday, 27 March 2011

Mun Yan's 19th birthday celebration

We know we use all sorts of excuse just to gather and catch up. This time, it's for Mun Yan's 19th birthday celebration! =)

For this, I canceled my class with my students (flexible job ^^) and Account tuition class was canceled 'cuz teacher had to go to S'pore. Eil came back earlier and was willing to skip some classes but turns out the classes were canceled too! I was granted the permission by my parents to chauffeur the girls! *woots!* This was my FIRST time fetching them, usually Mun Yan's da-driver-boss LOL. Perfect timing! Praise God =)

Pics mostly by Eil's sis' Canon cam! You can actually twist the preview screen and Self shot, I think that's what it's called LOL. cool stuff =)

Picking Eil and MYan frm the birthday girl's house. while I'm concentrating on driving LOL.

Picked Klin from old JJ before we head to Aeon Bukit Tinggi~ My territory xP

Sakae Sushi

Mun Yan's exact birthday was actually the day for my Theory exam *gasp* After lunch, I left the girls to S.S. while I go pick up some papers from piano teacher's house.

Toilet LOL

Pick them up again and sent Klin to tuition. Aw~~ Even though our meet up time is so short. but it's worth it =)

Mun Yan didn't know Jia Yee and Shu Yin are waiting in Old town white coffee, KP, together with Jun Lun, CPP! The girls rushed back from Setapak for our gathering. Photo credits to Mun Yan, save me a lot of pics space here :P The pic says it all.

She wrote this:
19th birthday celebration with the BFFs @ Sakae sushi & Old town coffee.
I enjoy every moment we gather together. Thanks for the preparations,treats,and present! :)
We grew up together since primary school, high school, college life & working life in future! Keep the bond eh! love u guys so so so so much! ♥
Touching eh? LOL

From this


This! Creative huh? xP

Our 大家姐!

Btw, I score a profile pic with the cool cam xD 
S.S. shot with MYan.
On your 19th birthday, MY, so much to say, but ran out of words. But you know how much you are loved by us =) More years of friendship to come!

Rmb the lomo cam she got last year from her bro and his GF? We manage to develop a roll of film. Not much time to play the toy.

Of cuz, we miss Yuyu and WenPing!
Thanks for reading.
God bless you!

Friday, 25 March 2011


Loving this iPhone app. No, I don't have an iPhone but the peeps around me do and they are kind enough to let me play with it =) Intro-ed Instagram to Aunt Zen, who loves to snap pics and she likes it! =) It seems like MANY Singapore peeps have iPhone LOL?

Guess where?
Granduncle's funeral. RIP
Aunt, me and sis

iPhone owner: Willa~
Practice! Easter is coming ^^
me n mindy during easter practice

What a quick post! It's hard to believe my online time on comp is 30 mins! cut down by 50% by someone who is pissed off by somebody and making the peeps around pissed off =.=

I want to blog bout MYan's awesome 19th birthday celebration! soon.
It's been a long tiring week, but I'm hanging on.

Take care peeps.
God bless you! <3

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Class' Letter and Note corner =)

6A5 decided to have a Letter and Note corner at the back of our classroom. It occupied almost the WHOLE notice board behind LOL. Cool stuff. Reminds me of those days *I sound so old* 

Specially dedicated to those who sent me notes =)
Jia Yee and Tien Zhi! aw~~  Those days...

Decorated my envelope in a simple but decent manner LOL.
Check out the bear on piano ^^

Chun Fei, Mr Funny in class =)
CF note

I found someone who has the heart for music in class. I love those music discussions =) 
Chew Li.
Chew Li's Note

The neighbours:

the "BFF", Chee Hong *ANTM?!*
He never fails to make me laugh when he retells the ANTM episodes =)
ANTM?! note

Beng Ghee
Picnic! xP Cam phone credits to him =)
Beng Note

School holiday is almost over.
Hit me to pia MAX!

God bless you! <3

Monday, 14 March 2011

Your love is everything

When I am dry and thirsty Lord,
And I'm crying out for more,
I know I can trust in your love.
In the darkness in the night
When I'm starving for the light
I know I can trust in Your love

You keep no records of my sin,
and you don't remember all my shame.

Your love heals every disease
Your love fulfills my every need
Your love is everything to me
Your love is everything

I will not forget
I wont forget your promises
I will not forget
I wont forget your love.

Sat for my theory exam today. Tough. But I'm calm now. Whatever the result is, I'm still gonna love music. Praise God =) 
Met the KH librarian juniors, well, they are the F5 bosses now LOL. Some younger juniors still can recognize me and greet me, sweet dao. Good to see my bro enjoying the librarian camp and being part of the big family =) The pink shirt rocks wey! 
Holidays for the Form 6 students ain't holiday 'cuz there's tonnes of tuition :O Got to enjoy studying anyhow.

14th of March- MunYan's birthday =) The dearies had a celebration for her. I'm waiting for Eil to upload the pics~
Take care peeps ^^
Pray for Japan
God bless you.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Random pics and thoughts

A battle to be fought on 14th of March

Taken while waiting for dad to pick me up from JJ after masterclass. Doing past year papers.


Loving the T-shirt designs from Brands Outlet. Got this 'cuz it's just so me xP
LOL. Speed shopping before piano class, insane.
LOL shirt

On the way home, IDK what happened, I just took out phone and snap LOL

Tammy's book to read for book report. I only read this book in Secondary School :O

My trusty slippers is... is..

Dad dropped me at JJ, he get bro from school while I went to shop for a new pair of slippers. I only have a pair of slippers so I NEED to go out and buy. Done the whole shopping within 10 mins. Another speed shopping LOL.


"Oh I forgot to inform you that there's no costing tuition"
"Ops, I forgot to bring this for you"
"Aiya, forgot to get this done for you"
I forgot                                                               you 
The trend 
We do forget. I was kinda ok with ppl forgetting stuff but I get upset when it comes to something important, to me. 
Pn Nita shared during CU activity that God never forgets. No question about that. Things happen for a purpose, we might not know why but we will later. 
And guess what? I learned to forgive myself and not hold a grudge. 
What hit me? I had to attend Econs tuition and EVERY FRI my mum will fetch me after CU. I even sms.ed her to remind her. Just this Friday, mum forgot to fetch me. I called her and she was like:"yea? ... OH I FORGOT!" It's a bit too late to start walking there, alone :O 
FYI: I'm a spoiled kid 'cuz I never walked to tuition, alone. To cut the story short, Thank God for kind people who is willing to drop me off somewhere near enough. *phew*
Even parents can forget about me, so yea, Thank God for God.

I have extremely bad memory, That's why this blog exist. I forgot to get the Secretary papers from Pn Thye's table! :O Bang the wall? I just did it and it hurts. I guess I will forget how it hurts until I ter-knock it again.


God bless you =)

Masterclass with Prof.

Teacher Sophie has been talking about this and planned for it. Me, together with 2 other girls, aged 17 and 13 had a masterclass with our teacher's teacher LOL. I don't know how to spell their names xP We met during the piano performance. Nice girls =)

Halfway through the Easter practice in church, off I go to DJ school to meet up with Teacher and the girls. Teacher Sophie drove to the end of the road and... We're there?! So fast LOL. Nervous much 'cuz in front of us is a beautiful house and I have no idea who we are meeting. My teacher always mention Prof. together with the Chopin Society Malaysia. *excited and nervous* 

Professor Snezana Panovska welcomed us with a warm smile. Teacher Sophie has not seen her for almost a year. Prof. totally blew me away with her knowledge in music.

Double grand pianos

We spent the whole afternoon learning a lot from Prof. 
 Prof Snezana Panovska

Reminder to self: Separate hand practice is important. Breathing too LOL? and of 'cuz self-discipline. 

I was the last to present my pieces. I had Chopin, Beethoven and Debussy. And guess what? Chopin is up first. Got to improve my music =)

At the end of the day, these are the words she said that are for my thoughts: 
Learn because of knowledge, not because of exam. 

She gave us homework to erm.. practice, more pieces! LOL

God bless you, peeps! =)