Saturday, 19 March 2011

Class' Letter and Note corner =)

6A5 decided to have a Letter and Note corner at the back of our classroom. It occupied almost the WHOLE notice board behind LOL. Cool stuff. Reminds me of those days *I sound so old* 

Specially dedicated to those who sent me notes =)
Jia Yee and Tien Zhi! aw~~  Those days...

Decorated my envelope in a simple but decent manner LOL.
Check out the bear on piano ^^

Chun Fei, Mr Funny in class =)
CF note

I found someone who has the heart for music in class. I love those music discussions =) 
Chew Li.
Chew Li's Note

The neighbours:

the "BFF", Chee Hong *ANTM?!*
He never fails to make me laugh when he retells the ANTM episodes =)
ANTM?! note

Beng Ghee
Picnic! xP Cam phone credits to him =)
Beng Note

School holiday is almost over.
Hit me to pia MAX!

God bless you! <3