Friday, 25 March 2011


Loving this iPhone app. No, I don't have an iPhone but the peeps around me do and they are kind enough to let me play with it =) Intro-ed Instagram to Aunt Zen, who loves to snap pics and she likes it! =) It seems like MANY Singapore peeps have iPhone LOL?

Guess where?
Granduncle's funeral. RIP
Aunt, me and sis

iPhone owner: Willa~
Practice! Easter is coming ^^
me n mindy during easter practice

What a quick post! It's hard to believe my online time on comp is 30 mins! cut down by 50% by someone who is pissed off by somebody and making the peeps around pissed off =.=

I want to blog bout MYan's awesome 19th birthday celebration! soon.
It's been a long tiring week, but I'm hanging on.

Take care peeps.
God bless you! <3