Saturday, 5 March 2011

Masterclass with Prof.

Teacher Sophie has been talking about this and planned for it. Me, together with 2 other girls, aged 17 and 13 had a masterclass with our teacher's teacher LOL. I don't know how to spell their names xP We met during the piano performance. Nice girls =)

Halfway through the Easter practice in church, off I go to DJ school to meet up with Teacher and the girls. Teacher Sophie drove to the end of the road and... We're there?! So fast LOL. Nervous much 'cuz in front of us is a beautiful house and I have no idea who we are meeting. My teacher always mention Prof. together with the Chopin Society Malaysia. *excited and nervous* 

Professor Snezana Panovska welcomed us with a warm smile. Teacher Sophie has not seen her for almost a year. Prof. totally blew me away with her knowledge in music.

Double grand pianos

We spent the whole afternoon learning a lot from Prof. 
 Prof Snezana Panovska

Reminder to self: Separate hand practice is important. Breathing too LOL? and of 'cuz self-discipline. 

I was the last to present my pieces. I had Chopin, Beethoven and Debussy. And guess what? Chopin is up first. Got to improve my music =)

At the end of the day, these are the words she said that are for my thoughts: 
Learn because of knowledge, not because of exam. 

She gave us homework to erm.. practice, more pieces! LOL

God bless you, peeps! =)