Sunday, 27 March 2011

Mun Yan's 19th birthday celebration

We know we use all sorts of excuse just to gather and catch up. This time, it's for Mun Yan's 19th birthday celebration! =)

For this, I canceled my class with my students (flexible job ^^) and Account tuition class was canceled 'cuz teacher had to go to S'pore. Eil came back earlier and was willing to skip some classes but turns out the classes were canceled too! I was granted the permission by my parents to chauffeur the girls! *woots!* This was my FIRST time fetching them, usually Mun Yan's da-driver-boss LOL. Perfect timing! Praise God =)

Pics mostly by Eil's sis' Canon cam! You can actually twist the preview screen and Self shot, I think that's what it's called LOL. cool stuff =)

Picking Eil and MYan frm the birthday girl's house. while I'm concentrating on driving LOL.

Picked Klin from old JJ before we head to Aeon Bukit Tinggi~ My territory xP

Sakae Sushi

Mun Yan's exact birthday was actually the day for my Theory exam *gasp* After lunch, I left the girls to S.S. while I go pick up some papers from piano teacher's house.

Toilet LOL

Pick them up again and sent Klin to tuition. Aw~~ Even though our meet up time is so short. but it's worth it =)

Mun Yan didn't know Jia Yee and Shu Yin are waiting in Old town white coffee, KP, together with Jun Lun, CPP! The girls rushed back from Setapak for our gathering. Photo credits to Mun Yan, save me a lot of pics space here :P The pic says it all.

She wrote this:
19th birthday celebration with the BFFs @ Sakae sushi & Old town coffee.
I enjoy every moment we gather together. Thanks for the preparations,treats,and present! :)
We grew up together since primary school, high school, college life & working life in future! Keep the bond eh! love u guys so so so so much! ♥
Touching eh? LOL

From this


This! Creative huh? xP

Our 大家姐!

Btw, I score a profile pic with the cool cam xD 
S.S. shot with MYan.
On your 19th birthday, MY, so much to say, but ran out of words. But you know how much you are loved by us =) More years of friendship to come!

Rmb the lomo cam she got last year from her bro and his GF? We manage to develop a roll of film. Not much time to play the toy.

Of cuz, we miss Yuyu and WenPing!
Thanks for reading.
God bless you!