Saturday, 5 March 2011

Random pics and thoughts

A battle to be fought on 14th of March

Taken while waiting for dad to pick me up from JJ after masterclass. Doing past year papers.


Loving the T-shirt designs from Brands Outlet. Got this 'cuz it's just so me xP
LOL. Speed shopping before piano class, insane.
LOL shirt

On the way home, IDK what happened, I just took out phone and snap LOL

Tammy's book to read for book report. I only read this book in Secondary School :O

My trusty slippers is... is..

Dad dropped me at JJ, he get bro from school while I went to shop for a new pair of slippers. I only have a pair of slippers so I NEED to go out and buy. Done the whole shopping within 10 mins. Another speed shopping LOL.


"Oh I forgot to inform you that there's no costing tuition"
"Ops, I forgot to bring this for you"
"Aiya, forgot to get this done for you"
I forgot                                                               you 
The trend 
We do forget. I was kinda ok with ppl forgetting stuff but I get upset when it comes to something important, to me. 
Pn Nita shared during CU activity that God never forgets. No question about that. Things happen for a purpose, we might not know why but we will later. 
And guess what? I learned to forgive myself and not hold a grudge. 
What hit me? I had to attend Econs tuition and EVERY FRI my mum will fetch me after CU. I even sms.ed her to remind her. Just this Friday, mum forgot to fetch me. I called her and she was like:"yea? ... OH I FORGOT!" It's a bit too late to start walking there, alone :O 
FYI: I'm a spoiled kid 'cuz I never walked to tuition, alone. To cut the story short, Thank God for kind people who is willing to drop me off somewhere near enough. *phew*
Even parents can forget about me, so yea, Thank God for God.

I have extremely bad memory, That's why this blog exist. I forgot to get the Secretary papers from Pn Thye's table! :O Bang the wall? I just did it and it hurts. I guess I will forget how it hurts until I ter-knock it again.


God bless you =)