Monday, 14 March 2011

Your love is everything

When I am dry and thirsty Lord,
And I'm crying out for more,
I know I can trust in your love.
In the darkness in the night
When I'm starving for the light
I know I can trust in Your love

You keep no records of my sin,
and you don't remember all my shame.

Your love heals every disease
Your love fulfills my every need
Your love is everything to me
Your love is everything

I will not forget
I wont forget your promises
I will not forget
I wont forget your love.

Sat for my theory exam today. Tough. But I'm calm now. Whatever the result is, I'm still gonna love music. Praise God =) 
Met the KH librarian juniors, well, they are the F5 bosses now LOL. Some younger juniors still can recognize me and greet me, sweet dao. Good to see my bro enjoying the librarian camp and being part of the big family =) The pink shirt rocks wey! 
Holidays for the Form 6 students ain't holiday 'cuz there's tonnes of tuition :O Got to enjoy studying anyhow.

14th of March- MunYan's birthday =) The dearies had a celebration for her. I'm waiting for Eil to upload the pics~
Take care peeps ^^
Pray for Japan
God bless you.