Friday, 1 April 2011


This happened during the holidays. That was the 1st time I drove to tuition alone, dropped my classmates for their K session, went to get my hair chopped and then...

This car Double-parked!

Myvi does not have a small butt kays LOL. Called home to inform mum that I'll be home late 'cuz of this.

So, what's the Lesson learnt?
-Stay calm. *checked*
-hon like mad *checked*
-Check the car that is blocking you *checked*
-closely checking inside the car *ops, didn't!*

The stylists were very helpful. In the end, one of them spotted a small name card on the dashboard and immediately call the number. Finally, after honing like mad under the hot sun, the owner of the car came. Phew~ Thank God.