Friday, 8 April 2011

Mass Hair cut day! and other updates


Just like every morning, all High School Klang morning session students will gather at the assembly point for our daily announcement. The prefects had a spot check on the Form 6 guys. Got them all at the back of the crowd. Nobody expected this to happen next.... THE MASS HAIR CUT! To make it sound worse, it's by the "pros". Cham Basically, after the free hair cut, the guys from my class who were caught with "long" hair or hair had less than 1 cm of hair in front of their heads! It was the day for our class' photo session but was cancelled due to the rain. Phew~ Random me took some shots of the sporting classmates =)

Hair model no.1 and no.2

Smiley face no.1 and BFF Chee Hong

Smiley face no.2

I read this article on The Star newspaper. Totally love the go green section. Was inspired by the article, like hey, 2nd hand stuff rocks on saving the environment! =) In the article, a lucky lady got a 60 years old Baldwin piano for FREE! of course maintenance and all are necessary but it saves a lot of $$ and saves the trees LOL. So peeps, if you don't mind, I don't mind taking in 2nd hand clothes that you can't fit in. Yay for you (more space for new clothes that fits you), me(clothes that can actually fit me LOL) and the environment. win-win-win situation LOL. I sound like a total cheapo 'cuz I think I am but hah! go green! xP

The Photography club is getting busy now for the school mag photo session. Fun but tiring, dozed off in class x.x and I looked super stressed out, maybe because of the HOT weather.
Had a nice week actually. Experienced kindness from a very unlikely person but she was the right person at the right time. Totally made my day. All I can do and I did was to write a thank you note =)

Easter is coming soon! Account tuition teacher is gonna give us extra class on Sundays, I hope I won't miss out a lot. 
I'm just in awe how generous God is. I know all I have is His 'cuz it was from Him but all He wants from me is "some" of it. like, some time for quiet time reading the Bible; anytime, anywhere to pray and give thanks in heart or aloud. 7 days a week, 1 morning is allocated for Sunday church service, praise and worshiping together with brothers and sisters in Christ. If I were to skip church every Sunday for tuition, wait.. I don't think I can take it =/ I have an important appointment with Daddy in Heaven =) It's a relationship, ain't religion.

"In the chaos, in confusion, I know You're sovereign still. In the moment of my weakness You give me grace to do Your will"

God bless you, peeps =)