Saturday, 30 April 2011


15 days without blogging LOL.
Busy me x.x

Quick update of what's up in life.

Good Friday and Easter Celebration. 
CU had the honour of inviting Pn Chen to share about Good Friday. Indeed, it's a Good Friday-the day to commemorate the death of Christ, the day when Love conquered eternal death. How many ppl would suffer and die for my sins? So far I know of one =)

Easter Performance was a blast! Praise God. Church was filled with approx. 1000 ppl according to Wynne LOL. Practices and Rehearsals for almost 4 months has come to an end. I didn't know I have the strength for all those LOL.
I don't likey stage makeup but oh well, for the dance =P 
Mr. Leon who appeared in my church without my knowledge gave me a shock swt. After the performance, he texted: makeup memang thick O.O Then I realized he was there. Thanks alot! =.=
Woke super early on that day. After the celebration, lunch, home, wash off the make up then off to tuition :O Missed KPC's Easter play but I know it went well, they have talented director and actors =)

Teknik menjawab Teknik menjawab Teknik menjawab 
Exams are coming real soon! Juniors are entering soon too.

Managed to share about my purity ring with a classmate. I'm glad that his curious questions have been answered. Back to ring on finger, broke my chain twice and I don't have the time to get it fix x.x

Durians Durians Durians Durians
4 consecutive Mondays with Durians! Sometimes can even eat until Wednesday. yup, dad bought that many LOL.

Had a blast on photo shoots! :D
Starbucks half price! Go get one before 6th of May! =) Enough for me, having sore throat :X
 Photo shoot in class!

Neighbour cum "BFF"

He's a fan of ANTM. His table is filled of pics. One of 'em:

This 3 tries to give the pose a fresh look.
failed! but funny-lah

Peik Lai. We do random yum-shengs cuz she don't drink her water often :P

Mr Joker of 6A5
working hard on Mr Oon's retirement ceremony

我的天使 xD 
Our 1st pic in uniform for the year I guess =)

Other than Self shot pics, there are funny ones ;P
Dance pose

Birthday celebrations!
Wun Shing and Yan Jun

Mr. Oon

The Accounts teacher of 6A5

On the way back from Book fair at PWTC today.

I sorta missed the royal wedding, will watch it later ba =/

God bless you! Take care